7 Best Blocking Mats for Knitting That Fit Projects of Any Size

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For the best professional-looking knits you need a few more extras in your arsenal including a blocking mat. The best blocking mat will help you create intricate designs, reshape your pieces as well as wet and steam your knits for wet blocking. Even more, it will ensure that everything dries properly throughout the wet or steam blocking session. So, which is the best blocking mat for knitting? There are loads of brands and models on the market but not all of them are as good as they are described.

We rounded up the best rated blocking mats to help you make the best choice easily. Some of the features we considered in our reviews include thickness, size, and material. The material used to make the mat determines its durability while its size and thickness determine the size and types of projects you can work on.


KnitIQ Blocking Mats for KnittingEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 12.6” x 12.6”
  • Thickness: 0.75”
  • Material: foam

Other features: 1” grid markings, PVC reusable storage case, 100 stainless steel T-pins

This tops the list for all the right reasons. The blocking mats have a unique design and offer the best versatility. Knitter and creatives of all skill levels can make the most of them to achieve professional-looking knits, needlepoint, crotchet, or lacework.

The KnitIQ blocking mats come in a set that consists of 9 boards that you can easily arrange in different sizes and shapes, 100 smooth head t-pins, and a reusable storage bag. The boards feature an intricate grid system for precise blocking to help you achieve a neat professional finish on all of your projects.

The blocks are made with thick and dense foam that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle. The foam will ensure all your pins have a secure hold without poking through.

What’s more, the mats are moisture and heat-resistant, so, you can use them for steaming and drying your projects. Another major plus is that the mats interlock to allow you to work on large projects with intricate features.

Why are we impressed? the mats are top-quality and highly versatile. Their durable and portable nature also sets them apart.
What could be better:
A few users have complained about some odd smell forcing them to air the boards for several days before use.


Red Suricata Knit Blocking BundlePremium Pick

  • Size: 12” x 12”
  • Thickness: 0.7”
  • Material: foam

Other features: inches grid, fifteen 8-pin combs, ten 4-pin combs, a hundred 1.5” T-pins, storage bag

When it comes to keeping your work nicely shaped, taut, and firmly in place, it is hard to beat the Red Suricata Knit blocking bundle. Its durable construction and top-notch features will bring you a bundle of joy for all the projects you intend to work on.

The knit blocking bundle features 9 extra-thick mats, a convenient carrying case, 100 t-pins, 8-pin combs, and 4-pin combs. You can trust the mats to protect the surface of your tables as their 0.7-inch foam construction would never allow a pin to poke through.

As thick as they are, the mats are pretty lightweight and easy to handle. They are also heat and moisture resistant thus perfect for wet, dry, and steam blocking.

In addition, the mats have a superb grid system that perfectly matches up for unrivaled accuracy. And the best thing is you won’t have any trouble assembling the grid as it features numbered puzzle features.

What makes it stand out? The set comes with a whole load of accessories that allow you to get started with knit-work instantly. Its versatility and superior quality also make it a top-tier option.
What could be better:
Other than its hefty price point, nothing could be better with this knit blocking bundle.


Knit Picks Premium Knitting Blocking MatsBest for Large Projects

  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Thickness: 0.5”
  • Material: foam rubber

Other features: 1″ grid, 100 T-Pins, poly carrying case with handle

Another premium quality option. The Knit Picks blocking mats offer the best convenience, efficiency, and unparalleled versatility. They can block nearly everything including knitwork accessories, lace, and all kinds of knitting garments.

If you intend to work on large projects, this should be your prime consideration. The rubber square mats are 12 by 12 inches big and can easily assemble into different shapes and sizes. Their interlocking sides fit perfectly just like puzzle pieces.

In addition, the mats are thick enough to prevent pins from poking through thus protecting the surface of your working table. They are also made for wet and dry blocking and they come with a high-quality poly carrying case that has a handle.

What are our favorite features? The mats have an excellent quality build and are large enough to accommodate large knit works and other projects. The 100-T-pins included are also a huge plus.
What could be better:
The mats would have been perfect had they been a little thicker like others within its range.


Hephaestus Crafts Blocking Mats for KnittingBest for Creating Precise Patterns

  • Size: 12” x 12”
  • Thickness: 0.45”
  • Material: foam

Other features: 1” grids, heat-resistant, waterproof

Looking to create the most precise patterns for all of your projects? This blocking mat set from Hephaestus Crafts company fits the bill. It has clean well-spaced grid lines for high-precision and ease of use.

The blocking mat set includes 9 gridded blocking mats made of 0.45-inch thick foam and 150-T-pins. The accurate 1-inch grids on the mats allow you to do a variety of projects including; knitting, crocheting, and lacework.

You can choose to use a single mat for a small project or connect them together like puzzle pieces for large projects. The mats are incredibly lightweight thus highly portable. You can knit or create crafts on the go, literally!

Another plus for these mats is that they are resistant to heat and steam. This makes them a perfect choice for drying your knits as well as steam and knit blocking.

What makes it stand out? The easy to use and high-precision grid system of these mats is to die for. The kit is also one of the best on the market for drying knits.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The kit doesn’t come with a carrying case or travel bag like many others. Some customers have also complained that matching the grid lines can be a little challenging when joining the mats.


Woolove Extra Thick Blocking MatsBest for Creating Complex Designs

  • Size: 12.6” x 12.6”
  • Thickness: 0.7”
  • Material: foam

Other features: includes 100 T-pins, 10 pin blockers, and a storage bag

This is the ‘It’ blocking mat kit for any crafter or designer looking to create unique and complex designs. The Woolove blocking mats are the perfect option for creating professional-looking needlepoint work and crotchet.

The mats are a little bigger than the standard mats on the market measuring 12.6 by 12.6 inches and 0.7 inches thick. The kit includes 100 t-pins, 10 pin blockers, and a convenient storage bag.

These blocking mats distinguish themselves with innovative dual-color grid lines that make blocking a tad easier. You will be eyeballing measurements without the hassle of counting squares.

Additionally, the mats are water and heat resistant thus safe for drying, steaming, or wet blocking your projects.

Why are we impressed? The mats have a durable foam construction that can withstand lengthy projects with pins in them. Their grid system is also accurate and will allow you to create clean edges with perfectly aligned patterns.
What could be better:
The mats have a tendency of bending or losing shape when uses consistently over time. Plus, the gridlines are not exactly 1-inch on all of the mats which is a major downside for anyone looking to do a large project with high-precision.


Knitters Pride Lace Blocking Mats & T-Pins Bonus BundleBest Lace Blocking Mats

  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Thickness: 3/8″
  • Material: foam

Other features: 50 metal T-pins, clear vinyl case

This is hands-down the best kit you can get for lace blocking. The mats are colorful and easy to assemble for working on various sized projects.

The bundle includes 9 interlocking mats measuring 12 by 12 inches. They are made of 3/8-inch foam that is superbly lightweight and easy to handle. Also featured in the bundle are 50 metal T-pins. The entire bundle comes in a convenient clear vinyl case that makes the mats easily portable.

Do note that these mats are not gridded, so, if your project requires you to follow a grid you best look elsewhere. They are also not the best for steaming because the color could transfer onto your projects but you can use them for wet blocking.

Why are we impressed? The mats are durably made, easy to use, and nicely textured with color for design and pin composition. The 50 T-pins featured in the bundle are also a huge bonus.
What could be better:
The mats cannot be used for steaming and some customers have complained that they are not thick enough for the long T-pins.


Juvale 9-Pack Thick Blocking Board MatsBest Value

  • Size: 12.5” x 12.5”
  • Thickness: 0.7”
  • Material: foam

Other features: includes 200 nickel-plated steel T-pins and a storage bag

Need a decent penny worth? The Juvale 9-pack blocking board offers the best value for money with excellent quality blocking board mats.

The kit consists of 9 thick blocking mats measuring 12.5 by 12.5 inches. The mats are thick enough to prevent pins from poking through thus protecting your table or working space. Also included in the kit are 200 nickel-plated steel T-Pins which is a tad more generous than the industry norm. The mats and the t-pins come in a convenient storage bag that has a handle making the kit easily portable.

The mats have clear grid markings that enable you to align the sides of your project neatly and accurately. They are made with ultra-lightweight yet robust foam that is easy to handle.

What stands out? The mats are thick and durably constructed without chemical odor common with other brands. Their grids are straightforward and easy to use.
What could be better:
Some customers complained about receiving their kit without the 200 pins included.

Things to Consider

A set of blocking mats can a whole difference to your work regardless of your skill level. It can be hard to find the best blocking mat for knitting as numerous brands and models are flooding the market. This section contains all the essential information you need to know before you go shopping for one including what a blocking mat really is and how to choose the best one.

What is a knitting blocking mat?

7 Best Blocking Mats for Knitting That Fit Projects of Any Size

Basically, a blocking mat is a mat made of thick foam or any other pin-friendly material with a grid-system to help you keep track of your work as you knit, crotchet, or create other crafts. They help protect the surface of your table or workspace.

You can use single mats for small projects or assemble them together for larger and complex projects like shawls, scarves, and sweaters. The mats are made to easily snap together at the edges to create a large grid.

How to choose the best blocking mat for knitting?

Here are some of the essential features and aspects that you must consider for you to make the best buy.

Size and thickness

The thicker the knitting mat the better as it will protect your table or work surface from ugly marks and scratches. Though if you don’t care for your surface, then thickness shouldn’t be an issue. Similarly, go for a large size mat so you can be able to work on different sized projects. Better yet, choose a model that can be rearranged for large projects like the Red Suricata Knit Blocking Bundle.


This is crucial as it determines the durability of the blocking mat. Foam and rubber are the best durable materials and can withstand lengthy projects with pins for extended periods.

Also, ensure you choose a mat made with heat and water-resistant material if you intend to steam or wet-block.


The grid is an important consideration especially if you want to achieve high-precision and professional neatness with your projects. For ease of use, go for a set of mats with clear gridlines like the one on Hephaestus Crafts Blocking Mats for Knitting. The grids help you to gain better accuracy and precision.


7 Best Blocking Mats for Knitting That Fit Projects of Any Size

The more the accessories the better because it will save you some pocket change. Be sure to go for a model that includes accessories like a convenient storage bag, T-pins, and pin combs like the Red Suricata Knit Blocking Bundle.


Blocking your knitting will give your work a professional finish by helping you gain better precision. The mats allow you to accentuate the best bits of your knits, shape them perfectly, as well as give them even tension and smooth stitches. Blocking also prevents any possible damages to the fibers or your projects caused by stretching during knitting.

There are 3 blocking methods; wet/steam blocking, finger blocking, and pin blocking. For all of them, you basically use pins to hold thread or yarn down to make it stay in shape for complicated designs and perfectly straight lines.

When steaming or wet blocking, you add water to make the yarn or thread lines stay accurately straight.

Our Verdict

Blocking is the way to go if you want your work to have a clean professional touch. With the best blocking mat, you will be able to transform crumpled wool into present-worthy pieces. With all the tips above, you should be able to choose the best blocking mat easily. You can as well choose to go with any of the rare gems on our product list. They are the best-rated on the market in terms of durability, efficiency, and affordability.

For instance, KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting, our best overall pick is the best feature-packed blocking mat kit that money can buy. It has a reasonable size and thickness and is made with long-lasting foam. It is also super-easy to use. Our premium choice, Red Suricata Knit Blocking Bundle is the best you can get for accessories. Its thickness and excellent quality build also set it apart.

Ranking third on our list is the Knit Picks Premium Knitting Blocking Mats. It is the best set you can get for large projects and its robust foam rubber construction is one of the standout features that make it stand out as one of the best blocking mats for knitting out there.

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