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The best Consew sewing machines are ideal for industrial use or working on home projects. They are designed to handle both heavy and lightweight materials. The most common items that you can sew on such machines include belts, chaps, wallets, shoes, saddles, furniture upholstery, etc. Depending on your needs, you can land on a beginner-friendly model or a complex one if you’re planning to sew daily or for a living. Consew products are durable and are very reliable compared to products of other manufacturers.

We reviewed 14 products of the Consew Sewing machine that suit the needs of different sewing enthusiasts. We came up with a list of 5 unique consew sewing machine. Our editor’s choice is the Consew 206RB-5. It comes with a compound feed, large bobbins and offers a large number of stitches per minute. The editors recommended it for heavy work like furniture upholstery or leather work.

We invested hundreds of hours scanning excellent Consew sewing machines on top sites like Amazon. We interviewed sewing experts to get their views on the top models that we selected. The major features that we focused on during our search include the type of the sewing machines, the number of needles, their speeds, the length of the stitches, and the type and size of their needles. Consew machines may have stitches that are great for zigzag or straight stitching. Knowing the number of needles your machine comes with enables you to prepare for emergencies in the future. We’ve compiled a table, in-depth reviews of the best sewing machines by Consew, and a buying guide for both beginners and professional sewers to select worthy models with ease.

Top 6 Consew Sewing Machines Review 2021


Consew 206RB-5Editor’s Choice

  • Type: R, heavy-duty, lockstich
  • Number of needles: 1 (Single)
  • Speed (S.P.M.): 3300
  • Stitch length: 10mm
  • Needle: 135 x 17

Other features: walking foot, triple feed, drop feed, needle feed, 258mm work space, stitch type 301, centralized arm lubrication, reservoir-oiled hook with micrometic control valve, large horizontal axis rotary hook and bobbin, adjustable reverse feed, safety clutch

The Consew 206RB-5 is a reliable sewing machine with a walking foot compound feed, large bobbin, stitch length of 10 mm, and a 14 mm high foot lift. It’s the best sewing machine for Marine, Auto, Canvas work, and furniture upholstery.

It comes with everything you need to start sewing like Servo Motor and a table. One user mentioned that this machine is potent and produced exemplary results on the military seats their team was working on. However, he insisted that it’s not beginner-friendly since it has a huge learning curve.

This machine suits straight stitching and doesn’t deliver desired results if you try zigzag stitching. You’ll need to oil your machine frequently and let it run at high speed for at least an hour. Poke around your machine to identify the ideal oiling points because its manual has low-quality images illustrating the oiling points.

A servo motor powers the Consew 206RB-5, and you can regulate your speed using the foot pedal. The number of stitches you make per minute depends on the speed of your motor, and you can set it up to 3300 SPM.

It doesn’t suit regular mending and fabrics since it’s an upholstery machine tailored towards heavy work like canvas, furniture upholstery, etc. Some users complained that it lacks instructions for set up and unless you’re mechanically inclined, hire someone or contact your provider to set it up for you. Most users appreciated its high-quality tools. Experts also recommended it for anyone who loves to do a lot of topstitching.

Why are we impressed?

  • Ideal for topstitching
  • Foot pedal
  • High RPM

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No setup instructions
  • Not beginner-friendly
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Consew 339RB-4 Best for Low-Speed Stitching

  • Type: industrial, heavy-duty, lockstitch
  • Number of needles: 2 (Double)
  • Speed (S.P.M.): 3000
  • Stitch length: 10mm
  • Needle: 135 x 17

Other features: walking foot, drop feed, needle feed, 258mm work space, stitch type 301, centra-lube semi-automatic lubrication system, large vertical axis hooks and bobbins, reverse feed, safety clutch

With a two-needle mechanism for making two parallel lines and a compound walking foot mechanism for ensuring even feeding of materials, the Consew 339RB-4 is perfect for sewing both light to heavyweight materials.

Some of the materials that experts recommend users to sew on this machine include boats, furniture, and auto upholstery, canvas, vinyl, sails, tents, bags, travel accessories, etc. It comes as a complete set with the legs, led lamp, servo motor, and suits binding, double-needle seaming, piping operations, and taping.

Its large bobbins and hooks ensure lengthened operations between the bobbin changes. Its simple adjustment allows lowering and raising of your center foot for sewing materials with varying thickness.

It also comes with a safety clutch to safeguard your hooks from damage. Experts mentioned that both beginning and seasoned users often find this machine super-easy to use. They also loved how its servo motor speed control works.

The sellers recommend it for projects that require low-speed stitching. The servo motor is 1/3 lighter than clutch motors, and you can reverse its rotation with a flick of your switch.

Remember that the speed you configure will remain the same regardless of how hard you press your foot pedal.

Experts also praised its Semi-Automatic Lubrication System that reduces the risk of failure of your machine, ensures less labor, and improves the overall cleanliness, health, and safety of your machine.

This ensures that crucial parts like the shaft covers and hooks remain lubricated all through. Experts mentioned that it might not be an excellent suit for sewing enthusiasts seeking a lightweight machine.

What makes it special?

  • Complete set
  • Two-needle mechanism
  • Large bobbins
  • Simple adjustments

What cons did we find?

  • Not great for high-speed stitching
  • Heavyweight

Consew P1206RBBest for Back Tracking

  • Type: industrial, lockstitch
  • Number of needles: 1 (Single)
  • Speed (S.P.M.): 3000
  • Stitch length: 7 mm
  • Needle: 135 x 17

Other features: walking foot, 260 x 120 mm work space, stitch type 301, oil pump system, adjustable oil flow, adjustable oil gauge, reverse, large horizontal axis hook and side-loaded bobbin, adjustable upper thread tension, locking stitch regulator, built-in bobbin winder

Like several consensus machines, the Consew P1206RB is ideal for sewing canvas, synthetics, vinyl, leather, upholstery, and both laminated, coated products and other light to heavyweight materials.

The sellers insist that it’s a reliable machine for stitching furniture upholstery, umbrellas, bags, wearing apparel, slippers, travel accessories, etc. Its head is put together before shipping, and you’ll only need to assemble your table.

The sellers also ship it with a big bottle of oil and led lights as displayed in the pictures. Some users mentioned that it’s a workhorse, and you can set it up fast via the aid of YouTube videos.

Its presser foot is a bit stiff when your machine is new, but your knee lifts will improve its movement with time. Most users were impressed with how easy it is to alter the pressure of the presser foot with continuous use.

Experts also advised users to install the bobbins correctly to avoid tension issues. Some users complained that the knee lift isn’t effective and doesn’t loosen the tension of the thread. One user mentioned that this machine could sew 8-9 oz leather with ease provided you target a 20 and above needle leather.

Most users loved that it has a reverse lever to backtrack. Be careful while sewing lightweight materials like cotton fabrics since they’re prone to be puckered. Others enjoyed using its large bobbin case. Overall, the Consew P1206RB comes with all the accessories plus other add-ons that you need to start sewing.

What are our favorite features?

  • Workhorse
  • Easy to set up
  • Reverse lever
  • Large bobbin case

What could be better?

  • Ineffective knee lift

Consew 9036Budget Pick

  • Type: multi-function, home machine
  • Number of needles: 1 (Single)
  • Speed (R.P.M.): 750
  • Stitch length: 4mm
  • Needle size: 70-110 (9-18)

Other features: size 390 x 150 x 300 mm (LWM), drop feed, stitch width 5mm, 36 built-in patterns, 1-step buttonhole stitch, automatic needle threader, built-in bobbin winder, adjustable stitch width and length, manual lever reverse function, CE / UL built-in motor, electronic foot controller

The Consew 9036 is an awesome multi-function home machine with a sewing speed of 750 RPM, a maximum stitch length, and a presser footer height of 4mm and 13 mm, respectively.

It has an automatic needle threader that favors beginners who often encounter difficulties fixing the top of their thread through the eye of the needle. Ensure you pull your needle threader down once you have aligned your thread through the essential slots.

Unlike other machines with a separate bobbin winder, it has a built-in bobbin winder for even distribution of bobbin threads. This ensures that the tension favors the projects you’re working on. Experts mentioned that its twin needle function is excellent for creating decorative and parallel stitches for professional finishes.

The twin needles also prevent your needle from breaking and they’re ideal for fabrics that stretch while putting them on or taking them off. This machine even comes with a manual lever reverse function that caters to sewing enthusiasts who are avid fans of sewing in reverse.

To perform reverse sewing, you will have to press down and hold your reverse sewing lever as you slowly step on your foot controller. It’s also fantastic for reinforcing and locking seams. Other features that are included in this machine are soft PVC machine cover, electronic foot controller, a built-in carrying handle, thread chain trimmer, and a free arm with accessories storage, etc.

Its dropping feeder suits darning, and it moves swiftly while sewing. It gently grips your fabric to aid it to pass through your sewing machine for high-quality stitches.

Why is it special?

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Twin needle function
  • Manual lever reverse function

What are the flaws?

  • Lacks a portable bobbin winder

Consew 9048Best for Darning

  • Type: multi-function, home machine
  • Number of needles: 1 (Single)
  • Speed(R.P.M.): 750
  • Stitch length: 4mm
  • Needle: size 70-110 (9-18)

Other features: size 390 x 150 x 300 mm, drop feed, stitch width 5mm, automatic needle threader, built-in bobbin winder, 4-step buttonhole stitch, 48 patterns, adjustable stitch width and length, adjustable thread tension, shuttle hook system and front loading bobbin, manual lever reverse function, CE / UL built-in motor, electronic foot controller

Like the Consensus Consew 9036, the Consew 9048 also comes with an automatic needle threader, a drop feed for darning, manual reverse lever function, and a fast-changing presser footer.

It showcases 48 patterns and a four-step buttonhole stitch. Experts mentioned that it has an adjustable thread tension for steady and balanced stitches. You can tighten and loosen it according to your preferences to affect the bobbin, needle thread, or both.

The sellers issue a needle plate with guidelines to simplify your sewing. The horizontal line which runs across your needle plate shows the position where your needle will drop. Ensure you position the edge of your fabric along the line for a neat start every time you start sewing.

Experts also mentioned that the workspace of this machine is standard, its sewing speed is incredible, and it comes with one needle that is ideal for several projects. They also loved the thread chain trimmer which is very reliable due to their advanced mechanism. They’re great for cutting down your trimming costs, eliminating scissor damage, and trimming your thread ends and collecting their waste fast.

Experts didn’t like that it comes with front-loading bobbins which they think are outdated. With the front-loading bobbin, you’ll be compelled to remove the accessory compartment to switch your bobbin — this can inconvenience several beginners.

The other features that experts loved with the Consensus Consew 9048 include its CE/UL built-in motor, the built-in bobbin winder, built-in light and carrying handle, and the shuttle hook system.

What makes it special?

  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Needle plate with guidelines
  • Standard workspace
  • Thread chain trimmer

What cons did we find?

  • Front-loading bobbins

Consew 75TBest for Invisible Seams

  • Type: all purpose, chainstitch, blindstitch
  • Number of needles: 1 (Single)
  • Speed (S.P.M.): 1000
  • Stitch length: 7mm
  • Needle: style 29-43, size 3-4

Other features: 100mm work space, stitch type 103, skip and non-skip stitch lever adjustable thread tension, 1 to 1 non-skip stitch, 2 to 1 skip stitch, Stitch penetration and stitch length adjustment dials, clamping system

The Consew 75T is known for its lightweight, compact nature and fully functional portable unit. It has a standard workspace, one needle, a 7 mm maximum stitch length, and can make up to 1000 SPM.

Several users mentioned that it comes with a manual. However, be patient or get somebody to show you how to set it up and use it if you’re a beginner. One user complained that his needle broke twice when he tried it on heavy fabric.

The other add-ons that you will receive with this machine include a small container with oil, and a foot lifter. Some users liked how it produces invisible seams, especially when working on Hemmings or pencil skirts.

Experts urge users to ensure their machines have the right tension before sewing. You can practice on fabrics you don’t use or swatches. Most users mentioned that it’s portable and does an exemplary job and great for home sewing studio.

The sellers also advise users to oil their machines regularly to ensure they don’t break down while stitching. One user mentioned that he set up his machine fast through the aid of a few YouTube videos and managed to hem five dresses in about 15 minutes.

Another one claimed that it’s daunting to the thread, but you can try to cut your thread off near the spool then pull your thread through. With continued use, you’ll grasp how to adjust your machine’s tension, stitch depth and length. Overall, most users loved the knee control, the tweezers for threading, and all the assembly tools.

What do we love it for?

  • Lightweight
  • Invisible seams
  • Portable

What were we disappointed with?

  • Daunting to thread

Things to Consider

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, chances are you have thought about investing in a consew sewing machine. Regardless of the model you want, getting the right one to cater to your sewing projects can be daunting. How will you make the best choice without knowing the differences between consew sewing machines with lockstitches and chainstitches? In this guide, we will focus on why you need a Consew, the features to look into when purchasing one, and the frequently asked questions.

Why Consew?

6 Best Consew Sewing Machines - Reviews and Buying GuideConsew sewing machines come in several categories. Maybe you’re a beginner trying to master some classes you skipped, or you enjoy sewing quilts, clothes, or other crafts. These machines are also great for kids who are sewing for the first time and anyone planning to sew for a living.

It sews nearly everything and delivers the desired results in most cases. You will enjoy several benefits they come with like larger bobbins that are great for sewing for long durations without stopping. You can get a walking foot for sewing thicker fabrics. Most of them are heavy-duty and perfect for heavy-duty textile projects, e.g., banners and signs, leather items, upholstery for vehicles, and furniture.

Features to consider when choosing a Consew sewing machine

The efficiency of your sewing machine is crucial. This is why it’s essential to factor in your needs from a practical standpoint over the aesthetic of a machine. There are several features to consider before purchasing your next sewing machine. Perhaps you prefer a machine with lockstitches or chainstitches.

Some Consew machines are great for sewing garments while others are better for working on leather or upholstery. We will look at other key factors to consider like the type, number of needles, speed, the length of the stitches, and the types and sizes of the needles of our top picks.


You can choose a home or industrial sewing machine depending on your needs. A model like the Consew 75T sewing machine is perfect for performing basic home sewing projects while the Consew 339RB-4 is recommended for large-scale sewing.

You can also purchase a model with a lockstitch like Consew P1206PB. Two sets of sewing thread form its stitches. Alternatively, you can invest in a model with a chainstitch like Consew 75T. Its stitches are majorly formed by the looper and needle thread.

Number of needles

6 Best Consew Sewing Machines - Reviews and Buying GuideSewing needles are often changeable, and they tend to affect how your machine forms the stitches. Understanding how different parts of your sewing machine works is key in choosing the correct size of your needle when making purchases.

Additionally, consider the number of needles your machine comes with. Sewing machines like the Consew 339RB-4 comes with two needles. You will get one needle when you purchase the Consew 206RB-5, Consew 9036, and Consew 75T.

Consider purchasing extra ones for emergencies. If possible, reach out to the seller and ask for the best models of needles that blend with your sewing machine for future purchases.


Several Consew sewing machines offer speeds ranging from 1000 to 4000 stitches per minute. Some like the Consew 9036 with a motor speed of 750 R.P.M is awesome for home studios. However, kinds like the Consew 206RB-5 that can make up to 3300 stitches per minute are suitable for industrial use.

Remember that machines that offer high speeds may not be that reliable with thicker fabrics. This is why it’s essential to factor in the kind of fabrics that are compatible with your Consew sewing machine first before looking into the speed.

Your machine may run slow due to jamming or lack of lubrication. You can also look into your foot pedal or cord to ensure all sections are correctly plugged in.

Stitch length

6 Best Consew Sewing Machines - Reviews and Buying GuideDepending on your machine, your stitch length can range from 0 to 4mm. The average stitch length for several machines is 2.5mm which is equal to 10 to 12 stitches per inch.

Sewing machines with small stitching length like the Consew 9036 and Consew 9048 are ideal for reinforcing seams or creating strong stitches. The ones with big stitch lengths like the Consew 206RB-5 and Consew 339RB-4 are recommended for defining topstitches, basting and sewing heavyweight fabrics.

Needle type and size

There are several types of needles like felting needles, canvas needles, bodkins, etc. Different ones suit different fabrics. It’s normal to sew fabrics with a straight sew when you’re a beginner. But you can be compelled to shift to several fabrics and try other unique decorative stitches that require great needles.

Machines with topstitching needles are often used with heavy topstitching threads. They have deeper grooves and extra-large eyes. Ensure you also comprehend the numbers that are linked to your sewing needle. You can purchase a sewing machine like Consew 9048 with needles sizes that range between 9-18. Nine stands for a fine needle while 18 is a thick heavy needle. The higher the numbers on your needle, the thicker your needle.


Consew machines moved its manufacturing from Japan to China.

Most machines like the Consew industrial sewing machines weigh around 100 pounds/50 Kilograms though you can land on portable models. They are often heavier than most home models of other manufacturers.

Our Verdict

Whether you’re searching for a sewing machine to use in your home studio or for industrial purposes, you can consider investing in a durable Consew sewing machine. Select one depending on how much you intend to use it. Stick with a home sewing machine if you love doing several stitches. But if you’re planning to use it daily, it’s worth targeting a professional model.

Our editors chose the Consew 206RB-5 and rated it 9.9 due to the impressive number of rotations it makes per minute and the top-notch tools it comes with. It’s also ideal for anyone planning to do a lot of topstitching.

Our second pick was the Consew 339RB-4 with a two-needle mechanism that is awesome for creating two parallel lines. We loved it due to its versatile nature to work on both light and heavyweight materials. Our third pick was the Consew P1206RB with a large bobbin case and accessories for working on materials like canvas, leather, etc. It even has other add-ons for better sewing.

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