8 Best Double Pointed Knitting Needle Sets for Small Projects of Any Kind

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Choosing the best double pointed knitting needles seems like the easiest thing you can do, so why are a lot of people failing at this? The reviews expressing dissatisfaction tells a grim story of how people make purchase mistakes that they can’t take back. While we do feel sorry for them, what’s done is done. You, however, haven’t picked yours just yet. Consequently, you may want to read more as this write-up helps you steer clear of mistakes your predecessors made.

Choosing the ideal knitting pack is easy if you pay attention to the sizes, length, materials, and quantity of needles in each purchase. The sizes and lengths of the needles dictate how big or small you can knit in the round. Some needles as well last longer than others, and that is due to the material makeup. Finally, quantity is a priority factor. Do remember that quantity can affect the flexibility of your set and its usefulness in some unique situations. If you can get the right mix of these needle features, there is no doubt your best double pointed knitting needle pick will be right on the money.

Top 8 Double Pointed Needle Sets Review 2021


Knit Picks Mosaic 5-Inch Double pointed Needle SetEditor’s Choice

  • Size: US 0 – US 3 (2.00mm – 3.25mm)
  • Length: 5”
  • Material: laminated birch

Other features: six needles per size, sharp tapered points

The term value pack could be used to describe the Knit Picks Mosaic 5-Inch Double pointed Needle Set. This purchase consists of 5” needles, and hence its most practical use would be knitting socks.

Also, there are six different color sets in this package that also show differences in circumference. The circumference options start from 2.00 mm and increase in 0.25 mm increments up to 3.25 mm.

Color differences make the organization of the set a breeze. Also, you can’t forget the vinyl case provided for organization and storage purposes.

Due to laminated birch wood construction and tapered points, breakages in your needle set are quite unlikely.

What are our favorite features? We liked the differences in color for the different-sized needles, which help with usage and storage. Also, the vinyl case can help you make sure you don’t lose any needles. The hardwood needle construction should also excite users since it means bending, and breaking these needles won’t be easy.
What could be better:
The package only includes products that are the same length hence limiting functionality


Knitter's Pride KP200605 Dreamz Double Pointed Needle KitPremium Pick

  • Size: US 0 – US 3 (2.0mm – 3.25mm)
  • Length: 6”
  • Material: wood

Other features: manufactured in India

The Knitter’s Pride KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Kit is another option that users seem to like a lot. The diameter options are the same as those provided for the Knit Picks Mosaic 5-Inch Double pointed Needle Set.

Color coding has as well featured in this set. All needles in this pack are about 6” despite looking like they are different lengths in the image above. You can likely use them the same way you would use 5” knitting needles.

Finally, the set is a byproduct of India. One can only assume that the birch wood used is sourced from the same country as well.

What do we love it for? This product is color-coded, just like the editor’s choice. Organizing it in a box or a case should be easy as should be choosing the size of needle to use. You get six of each size as well. Finally, hardwood is used to make these needles as well. Being lightweight is a side-effect of the wooden construction.
What could be better:
While needle sizes are printed on the side of the needle, this information can rub off with extended use.


Hilitand 55pcs Knitting Needles SetBest Stainless Steel Needles

  • Size:0mm – 6.5mm (11 sizes)
  • Length: 7.87″
  • Material: stainless steel

Other features: 55 pcs, five needles each size

There is a total of 55 needles in the Hilitand 55pcs Knitting Needles Set. These are spread across 11 different sizes. However, a length of 7.87” is expected to be uniform. If you do the math, 11 different sizes for 55 needles means that for each size, you get five needles.

The smallest needle is 2.0mm, while the biggest is 6.5mm. As for the sizes in between, they are: 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm,3. 5mm, 5.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 5.5mm.

Additionally, the stainless steel body of the exterior is a pro for someone who likes durable needles. Users are as well lucky the needles come packed in a leather sheath. If you always remember to put your needles in the sheath after use, you won’t have to deal with losing them.

What do we love it for? The wide size variety is impressive, as is the total number of needles. Also, stainless steel construction ensures you needn’t buy another set, especially if you don’t lose any needles from your current set. To help with keeping the needles safe, a leather pouch has been provided by the manufacturer.
What could be better:
A variety of lengths could also help various users deal with their mixture of knitting needs.


Z-COLOR Stainless Steel Knitting Needles SetBest Value

  • Size: 2.0 mm – 6.5mm (11 sizes)
  • Length: 7.9”
  • Material: stainless steel

Other features: 55 pcs in total

The Z-COLOR Stainless Steel Knitting Needles Set and the Hilitand 55pcs Knitting Needles Set are another pair of sets where similarities can be drawn. The range of sizes is similar from the smallest to the largest.

Also, both products have 55 pcs of needles in the package. As for the length, it is different. However, most people will note a difference of 0.03” to be negligible.

Those of you on a budget will favor the Z-COLOR Stainless Steel Knitting Needles Set since it is cheaper. Finally, each set of five has a package that you can use for storage any time you aren’t using it.

What are its best features? This needle set is affordable despite offering 55 needles in the package. Construction doesn’t lag behind either as the durability is unquestionable. The size variety also guarantees usefulness in a variety of situations.
What could be better:
Stainless steel needles can be slippery while knitting, and this can make the process more challenging.


U-nitt Bamboo Knitting NeedlesBest Bamboo Knitting Needles

  • Size: US 8 – US 15 (5mm – 10mm)
  • Length: 5” – 8”
  • Material: Moso bamboo

Other features: 7-size package, 1-year warranty

While most needle manufacturers offer six-size packages, this one provides seven. Each needle’s size is printed on the side, so you shouldn’t have any problems packing your set for a trip.

Additionally, these are Moso bamboo needles, which guarantee you minimal weight while knitting. You can have these needles in a variety of lengths that range from 5”-8.” Shorter needles will work best for small circumferences such as gloves and socks, while longer needles should be used on sweaters and other large circumference knits.

Why did it make our list? The Moso bamboo construction is lightweight. Also, a seven-size package is impressive. You additionally get size-labeled needles, and that can make putting them together a breeze. A variety of lengths is available.
What could be better:
If the needles were color-coded, it would be so much easier to find the needle size you are looking for. Bamboo needles aren’t the most durable.


Knitter's Pride 1/2.25mm Karbonz Double Pointed NeedlesBest Carbon Fiber Needles

  • Size: US 1 (2.25mm)
  • Length: 6”
  • Material: carbon fiber, nickel-plated brass tips

Other features: manufactured in India

The Knitter’s Pride 1/2.25mm Karbonz Double pointed Needles is the third installment by the Knitter’s pride manufacturer on our list. Also, this is a one-size carbon fiber set that will likely satisfy someone’s knitting needs.

Each of the five needles is 2.25mm, and like the other knitter’s pride needles, the set is an Indian product. In addition to the carbon fiber used to make the body of the set, one cannot forget the nickel-plated brass tips as well.

If you are used to breaking or snapping your needles, you can forget about that with this purchase. Even bending is something you won’t experience with this set.

What makes it stand out? This set neither bends nor breaks due to a carbon-fiber body. On top of that, nickel-plated brass tips add to the durability of the construction. The body is also not as slippery as chrome and stainless steel needles.
What could be better:
As for this set, you only get five one-size needles, which means the purchase is not very versatile.


Knitter's Pride Karbonz KP110604 8-inch Knitting NeedlesBest Brass-tipped Needles

  • Size: US 5
  • Length: 8”
  • Material: carbon fiber, brass tips

Other features: manufactured in India

The Knitter’s Pride Karbonz KP110604 8-inch Knitting Needles is similar to the Knitter’s Pride 1/2.25mm Karbonz Double pointed Needles in that it maxes out at five needles.

All these needles feature an eight-inch length meaning their use is limited to wide-circumference knits. Construction for the two-needle sets also seems quite similar, with carbon fiber being a significant part. The brass tips add icing to the cake.

While the tips have a silver exterior, most of the body of the needle is black, giving the set a simple, understated outlook.

Why did it make our list? The bodies and tips of these needles are both sturdy. Also, the length of the needles is ideal for knitting sweaters and hats.
What could be better:
This pack has been outdone by most of the competition with regard to the number of needles offered.


Knitter's Pride 6/4mm Marblz Double Pointed NeedlesBest Plastic Double pointed Needles

  • Size: US 6 (4mm)
  • Length: 6”
  • Material: n/a

Other features: 6-piece set, manufactured in India

The Knitter’s Pride 6/4mm Marblz Double pointed Needles is inherently different from the Knitter’s Pride KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Kit. The main distinction is that the needles here are only one size.

As for the colors, despite every two needles looking similar, some variance is bound to occur due to the manual manufacturing process. This product as well offers 6” needles and is a byproduct of India’s manufacturing sector.

Why is it special? Users get lively colors, and that can help them differentiate this set and those made by different manufacturers. Also, the plastic construction is lightweight.
What could be better:
The manual manufacturing process almost always guarantees differences in the product. The needles in this package are only 4mm in size.

Things to Consider

You will need varying double pointed needles at various points in your knitting journey. Of course, the highest quality needles will make knitting effortless. Nevertheless, what works for various individuals will differ within the knitting community. The section below allows you to figure out the basics of what to look for in a double pointed knitting needle set.

What are double pointed knitting needles for?

Double pointed knitting needles are sometimes the go-to tool for knitting in the round. This is the type of knitting where the intention is to make a seamless tube. Examples of byproducts of knitting in the round are socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, and more. There are even circular needles as an option for knitting in the round. However, these can only be used for larger knits such as hats and sweaters.

Benefits of double pointed knitting needles?

8 Best Double Pointed Knitting Needle Sets for Small Projects of Any Kind

Having double pointed knitting needles allows users to create small tubes while knitting. If you pursue knitting as a hobby or as a business venture, then you will likely want to knit arm sleeves, glove fingers, and other tubular knits as you go along. While circular knitting is possible with a circular needle, it doesn’t allow for the creation of small tubes.

Features to consider when choosing the best double pointed knitting needles

If you are new to knitting, you probably only recently found out you need double pointed knitting needles to hack circular knitting. Each set depending on size and length, is meant for a specific use. As such, you can’t buy a single set of needles and expect it to sort all your circular knitting problems. Consequently, your current and most frequent projects need to be the basis for your purchase.

If you plan on knitting a few gloves, get a double pointed knitting needle set for that. If, conversely, you are knitting a bunch of hats for your family, get needles for that. Also, determine what size you would like your stitches to be.

Once you are armed with this data, you can rate your purchase options according to the features explained below.


The Z-COLOR Stainless Steel Knitting Needles Set serves to show you the most common size options you can come across when looking for double-pointed needles to knit woolen socks or some other tubular knit. Options start at 2.0mm and end at 6.5mm for this Z-COLOR option. Nonetheless, there are some larger needles in the market as well.

Noteworthy is that the size of the needles dictates the size of the stitches. Where smaller stitches are a necessity, go for needles that 4mm and lower. Finally, most yarn manufacturers give guidelines on the size of the needle to be used with their offerings.


Standard double pointed knitting needle lengths are between four and eight inches. The shorter the needle, the more likely it can handle small knits. As such, those knitting mittens and anything else of similar size should pick four-inch needles.

As for socks, you might have to go for a longer needle such as the Knit Picks Mosaic 5-Inch Double pointed Needle Set. Between five and six inches should be the right size. Hats and sweaters are two examples of large knits that you may encounter. Eight-inch needles should suffice for these kinds of projects.

Supposing you would like to knit all these options, there is nothing wrong with having a variety of needle lengths at your disposal.


Popular materials used in making knitting needles are wood, stainless steel, and carbon fiber, with examples of all three featuring in the list above. Where wood is concerned, the quality of the plant used may vary. Some like the Knitter’s Pride KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Kit use birch wood, which is a hardwood variation.

Hardwood is more durable than softwood, and these needles are rarely slippery. Hardwood needles are also warmer during use. Stainless steel needles are, on the other hand, slippery. However, their durability is top-notch as they rarely break. Also, they can get really cold, depending on ambient temperatures.

Carbon fiber needles like the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz KP110604 8-inch Knitting Needles are durable and lightweight as well. Also, they often come with tips that are made from different materials such as brass.

Lastly, there are less common needle construction materials such as bamboo as well. Nevertheless, their attributes tell users whether they are worth buying or not.


8 Best Double Pointed Knitting Needle Sets for Small Projects of Any Kind

Quantity does affect the flexibility of the needle set. Different yarn manufacturers can provide guidance on the sizes of needles to use. However, for a five-set like the Knitter’s Pride 1/2.25mm Karbonz Double pointed Needles, it won’t matter since they only come in one size.

In contrast, the U-nitt Bamboo Knitting Needles can provide you seven different sizes in various packages. As such, you can do so much more with the U-nitt set than you can do with Knitter’s Pride 1/2.25mm Karbonz option. If you already have different needles at home, it might not be necessary to purchase such a large set.


You should switch to double pointed needles when you need to knit in the round. In most cases, a circular needle is easier to use. However, it’s not always be practical, especially where you are creating something with a small circumference. This is where double pointed needles are most useful.

You can use double pointed needles instead of circular needles since both options are intended for knitting in the round.

Our Verdict

In our review of these double pointed knitting needles, the Knit Picks Mosaic 5-Inch Double pointed Needle Set, Knitter’s Pride KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Kit, and the Hilitand 55pcs Knitting Needles Set were our top three picks.

The knit picks option is made of high-quality wood and having six needles per size is a plus. Color coding is as well welcome. Don’t forget a case for storing and organizing needles has also been included. The KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Kit has some similar benefits as well. They include hardwood construction, matching size options, and color-coding.

However, the KP200605 Dreamz Double pointed Needle Set has been kept from first place by being a little more pricey than the Knit picks option. As for the Hilitand 55pcs Knitting Needles Set, it consists of 55 needles, which is the highest number on the list. Of course, this comes with more versatility due to a few extra size options. The stainless steel construction isn’t bad either.

These three are our top picks, although a contrary opinion is allowed. If you have a different top three in mind, you can share that with us in the comments section.

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