10 Best Embroidery Hoops to Implement Your Project and Display Your Needlepoint Work

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Whether you’re working on a cross-stitch project or looking for a new way to display your needlepoint work, the best embroidery hoop is key. Not only can it make the process easier but it also provides a perfect and affordable way to display your art.

We looked at 35 different products to find the best products out there. Our Editor’s Choice is the Similane 6-Piece Plastic Embroidery Hoop Set. This includes some of the best hand embroidery hoops available. It comes with six high-quality hoops in multiple colors and really pops against whatever project you’re working on. If that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, no worries! We included a wide variety of other hoops for you to consider.

Top 10 Embroidery Hoops Review 2021

To choose these hoops, we kept a few key features in mind. The first thing we looked at is size and shape as this directly affects the type of projects you can use the hoop for. We also considered materials and overall quality so you know if you’re getting something durable and safe. The first thing you’ll come to is a chart where we’ve compared each product to make sure you get what you’re looking for. After that, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each product followed by a buying guide so you can make sure you’re choosing the best embroidery hoop for your projects.

  • Size: 2″, 9″, 7.67″, 6″, 4.7″, 3.4″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: plastic

More features: multicolor hoops; plastic screw head

Our Editor’s Choice is the Similane 6-Piece Plastic Embroidery Hoop Set. Not only is this set extremely affordable but it’s versatile as well. It comes with six hoops ranging in size from 3.4 to 10.2 inches. They’re made out of durable, high-quality ABS plastic and come in a variety of colors.
To tighten the hoop, use the updated stainless-steel adjustable screw. It’s easy to use and secures your work, keeping the fabric taut to help you get the best results. There’s also a lip inside the hoop to help keep the fabric in place.
Some people felt that the lip made it a little hard to work with thin or delicate material in these hoops, though most people felt that they did a great job keeping the fabric taut.

What we liked:

  • Set of 6
  • Multicolored
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Upgraded screw-tightening mechanism
  • Lip for extra hold on fabric

What could be better:

  • May not work well with delicate, thin fabrics

Morgan Products Lap Stand Combo HoopsBest Embroidery Hoop Lap Stand

  • Size: 7″ and 9″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: plastic

More features: lap stand design; the hoops can be used individually

We really like the Morgan Products Lap Stand Combo Hoops. This unique design is the perfect combination of an embroidery hoop and an embroidery hoop stand. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble.
There are two hoops. Choose the one that works best with your project and place the other on your lap to act as a stand. You get a little more control over your work because you don’t have to worry about constantly holding onto the hoop.
This hoop stand doesn’t collapse. If you want to travel or store it, you have to take it apart. Some people felt that the legs got in the way a bit because they sit on the inside of the hoop, under the fabric, but even people who felt this was an issue were still pleased with the product.

What we liked:

  • Hoop and stand in one
  • Two hoop sizes
  • Frees up both hands
  • Easy to assemble

What could be better:

  • Legs may get in the way

Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops for Brother Sewing and Embroidery MachinesBest Hoops for Brother Sewing Machines

  • Size: 1″x 2-1/2″, 4″ x 4″, 5″ x 7″, 5″ x 12″
  • Shape: round and square
  • Material: plastic

More features: compatible with Brother embroidery machines; includes 2 grids for each hoop

If you’re looking for the best embroidery hoops for Brother PE770, take a look at these Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops. It’s compatible with a lot of other Brother models, too.
The hoops have markings that are easy to read and help make sure your work is as precise as possible. The adjustable metal screw is easy to use and versatile enough to use with a wide range of fabrics.
This versatile set includes four hoops of various shapes and sizes so it’s useful for all kinds of projects. People who have bought these hoops have few complaints. While they may not sit as secure as you like on certain machines, they still work great.

What we liked:

  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Easy-to-read markings
  • Can be used with a wide range of fabrics
  • Four hoops

What could be better:

  • May not secure tightly to all machines

Caydo 6-Piece Bamboo Embroidery Hoop SetBest Bamboo Hoops

  • Size: 4″, 5″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: bamboo

More features: stainless-steel screws

For the best quality embroidery hoops made of bamboo, take a look at the Caydo 6-Piece Bamboo Embroidery Hoop Set. The material is completely natural and you get multiple sizes, ranging from four to ten inches.
Each hoop is lightweight, polished, and looks beautiful. The natural wood goes well with any project and is smooth and comfortable in your hands. These hoops work with any fabric, too, as the stainless-steel screws are easy to use and tough enough to hold any fabric well.
Some people commented that these hoops had some rough spots but these were easily taken care of with a little bit of sandpaper. They’re a great price so using a little elbow grease to smooth out the edges shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

What we liked:

  • Natural bamboo
  • Six hoops
  • Various sizes
  • Stainless-steel screws
  • Work with any fabric

What could be better:

  • Some people reported rough patches that required sanding

Joybest Embroidery Cross Stitch HoopsBest Display Hoops

  • Size:93″, 5.51″, 6.69″, 7.48″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: rubber

More features: hanging brass ring; wood imitation

Joybest Embroidery Cross Stitch Hoops are some of the best locking hand embroidery hoops available. Although they have a realistic wood grain finish, they’re actually made of high-quality, durable rubber that makes the hoops easy to hold onto while you work.
This set includes four hoops ranging from 3.93 to 7.48 inches. Something we love about them is that each one has a non-adjustable antique hanging brass ring so you can also use them to display your work as wall decor.
Most people love these hoops though there were few complaints about a rubbery smell that’s hard to get rid of. A few commenters also pointed out that these are a little smaller than standard hoops.

What we liked:

  • Realistic wood finish
  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • Four hoops
  • Antique hanging ring

What could be better:

  • Can have a rubbery smell
  • Slightly undersized
  • Size: 5″, 6″, 10″, 12″
  • Shape: square
  • Material: plastic

More features: brass adjustment screw; different colors

Next up are the Caydo 4-Piece ABS Plastic Embroidery Hoops, a good choice if you’re looking for the best hoops for needle punch embroidery. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and come in four sizes and colors.
These hoops are made from high-quality ABS plastic and are resistant to abrasion, making them exceptionally adorable. The brass adjustment screw is easy to use and tightens effectively so you can use them with just about any fabric. A lot of customers love the oblong shape, commenting that they gave a better view of their work.
Some people felt it was a little difficult to correctly line up thick fabric and the plastic allows the fabric to slip during use. Still, these hoops are affordable, attractive, and get the job done.

What we liked:

  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Strong ABS plastic
  • Four hoops
  • Four sizes

What could be better:

  • Difficult to use with thick fabric
  • Fabric can slip during use

INSANY Small Ring Embroidery HoopsBest Mini Hoops

  • Size: 7cm x 5cm, 3.5cm x 3cm, 3cm x 2.5cm; 6 x 3 cm, 4.6cm x 2.3cm, 6cm x 3cm, 4.6cm x 2.3cm
  • Shape: round, oval
  • Material: wood

More features: designed for jewelry or crafts purposes

If you’re looking for something a little different, take a look at INSANY Small Ring Embroidery Hoops. These mini wood embroidery hoops are perfect for smaller projects and make great pendants, keychains, or Christmas tree ornaments.
This set comes with eight different mini hoops (four circles and four ovals) in a variety of sizes. It’s important to point out that these are not designed like regular embroidery hoops. That is, they’re meant for display more than function so you might need to create your embroidery in a standard hoop and then transfer the piece to the mini hoop.
Some people mentioned that the screws come out easily and they’re so small that they’re easy to lose. They are also pretty delicate and may break easily.

What we liked:

  • Perfect size for jewelry and other small projects
  • Eight hoops
  • Made of wood

What could be better:

  • Screws come out easily
  • Delicate and can break easily
  • Size: 3″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: bamboo

More features: brass adjustment screws

The best wooden embroidery hoops for smaller projects are Caydo 12-Piece 3-Inch Wooden Round Embroidery Hoops. They’re made of natural bamboo and are sanded smooth so don’t have to worry about damage to your hands or the fabric.
This set includes 12 three-inch hoops with brass adjustment to make sure the fabric is held snug while you work. Three inches is a great size for small gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, or a collection of wall decor. Since you get 12 of them, this set makes a lot of gifts for the special people in your life.
A lot of people mentioned that there’s a blue protecting covering on the screw that is particularly difficult and time-consuming to remove. While this set is extremely affordable, note that it may take you some time to get them prepared.

What we liked:

  • Natural bamboo
  • 12 three-inch hoops
  • Affordable

What could be better:

  • Screw covered in a protective blue coating that’s difficult to remove

Mother Gift Tambour Embroidery FrameBest Hoop Stand

  • Size: 9.5″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: wood

More features: 13.8″ to 18″ adjustable height; rotates 360°

The Mother Gift Tambour Embroidery Frame is a great choice if you’re looking for a hoop and floor stand combo. It includes a 9.5-inch attached hoop that rotates and turns 360 degrees so you can easily see every area of your work, front and back.
Although this product looks impressive, it’s very easy to take it apart for travel or storage. One inconvenient thing about it is that you can only use the attached hoop so you’re out of luck if your project doesn’t fit correctly.
Some people also mentioned that the hoop stand is so lightweight that it moves around a lot. A few people also mentioned that there were some rough patches and splintering along the surface of the hoops.

What we liked:

  • Hoop and stand combo
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Rotates and turns 360 degrees

What could be better:

  • Can only use attached hoop
  • Some rough spots and splintering are common

Darice 23-Inch Quilt Hoop WoodBest Quilt Hoop

  • Size: 23″
  • Shape: round
  • Material: wood

More features: suitable for embroidering, quilting, beading, and cross-stitching

The Darice 23-Inch Quilt Hoop Wood is one of the best large hoops out there. This wooden hoop is great for a variety of large projects, including embroidering, quilting, and cross-stitching. If you have a lot of things planned, you can also get this hoop in packs of two or three.
Although this hoop is lightweight, it’s durable and the bolt and wing nut closure is strong on works with a variety of fabrics. The natural wood finish looks great as it is but can be easily painted or stained to match your finished project.
Some people commented that the quality wasn’t quite what they expected, but for the price, it’s still a great buy.

What we liked:

  • Large hoop for big projects
  • Available in packs of one, two, or three
  • Durable bolt and wing nut closure
  • Easy to paint or stain

What could be better:

  • Some people felt it was a bit flimsy

Buying Guide

Believe it or not, embroidery hoops are very versatile. There are a lot of types out there to choose from so, whether you’re looking for the best embroidery hoops for bookbags or are planning to get into jewelry making, there’s something out there for you.

How can you use your embroidery hoops?

10 Best Embroidery Hoops to Implement Your Project and Display Your Needlepoint WorkThere are actually several ways to use embroidery hoops. Obviously, they can be used to make or display embroidery but you can also use them for quilting, making jewelry, or machine embroidery.

Consider the size of the hoops

Before choosing an embroidery hoop, it’s important to think about the project you’re planning to do so you can make sure you get the right-sized hoop. For example, if you’re working on a large quilting project, the Darice 23-Inch Quilt Hoop Wood is the best choice. Do you want to make small gifts and keepsakes? Take a look at the Caydo 12-Piece 3-Inch Wooden Round Embroidery Hoops or the INSANY Small Ring Embroidery Hoops. There are even some hoops that act as a hoop and stand in one.

Wood or plastic: Pros and cons of each

Ultimately, whether you use a wood or plastic hoop boils down to personal preference but there are some pros and cons to consider.

Wood hoops, like the Caydo 6-Piece Bamboo Embroidery Hoop Set, have a natural look that goes with just about any project. They’re also easy to stain or paint if you decide to change it up a bit.

The downside to wooden hoops is that they can have rough patches and splintering that require some attention. These things are easy enough to fix with a bit of sandpaper but that doesn’t mean that they’re at all convenient.

Plastic hoops are generally pretty durable and come in a wide variety of sized, shapes, and colors. Versatility is one of the big pros of plastic hoops. For example, the Similane 6-Piece Plastic Embroidery Hoop Set includes six hoops and each one is a different size and color.

Embroidery hoop shapes

There are a few shapes available and, again, what one works best for you is determined by the project you’re planning. You’ll find circles, ovals, squares, and more.

Quality and ease of use

There are some key things to look for when it comes to quality and ease of use. Make sure the materials are durable and won’t bend or break easily. While you do need a little bit of give to stretch the fabric over the hoop, too much movement is not desired.

Pay attention to the closure. Most of these hoops use a simple screw to adjust the tightness once the fabric is in place. Make sure these screws are durable and strong enough to hold a variety of materials in place.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when embroidering:
  • It’s usually a good idea to wash your fabric beforehand as this helps prevent any shrinking, which could ruin a finished product.
  • Use a stabilizer for thin, delicate, or stretchy fabric to make it easier to work with.
  • Always use a sharp needle.
  • Trace or print your design onto the fabric first or use a grid if you’re having trouble following a design on paper.

Here’s a handy video on how to use an embroidery hoop:


For machine embroidery, you have to use hoops that are compatible with machine embroidery, like Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops for Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines. Sewing machines are designed to be used with very specific hoops so it’s really important to never use the incorrect one or you could cause a lot of damage.

Mini embroidery hoops are great for making gifts and small keepsakes, including wedding favors, Secret Santa gifts, jewelry, or Christmas tree ornaments. Keep in mind that mini hoops are a little different than standard hoops as they are primarily meant for display.

Our Verdict

Our Editor’s Choice is the Similane 6-Piece Plastic Embroidery Hoop Set. These round, plastic hoops come in a variety of colors and are a great choice for just about any project. The lip inside the hoop provides extra hold to keep your fabric taut and in place.

If you’re looking for an embroidery stand, take a look at Morgan Products Lap Stand Combo Hoops. There are two hoop sizes to choose from at the stand is easy to take apart and put together for easy transport and storage. Having both hands free lets you work faster and precisely.

Finally, we recommend the Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops for Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines. These best embroidery hoops are compatible with a wide range of models. You get four hoops with this set, each with markings that are easy to read so you can be as precise as possible.

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