5 Great Serger Threads – Your Finishing Touch for Perfect Sewing Projects

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Choosing the right thread for serger is equally essential as choosing the machine. The process can be thrilling and somehow nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never shopped for one before. Serger thread is usually finer than regular threads, to avoid bulky seams. The thread must be consistent in diameter and smooth to ensure it does not clog the machine. But what is the best serger thread to buy? What makes it stand out from the rest?

The review will help you have a seamless process. After spending several hours and consulting professional sewers, we managed to come up with a list of the best serger threads on the market. For the right products, we considered a variety of crucial factors: thickness, durability, shape, and color variation. Other features include the material used, prices, and smoothness. These pointers will enable you to have a seamless process and secure the right thread for your serger machine.

Top 5 Serger Threads Review 2021


American & Efird Maxi Lock All Purpose ThreadEditor’s Choice

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Quantity: 4
  • Shape: cone
  • Length: 12,000 yards total

More features: black, mildew and UV light tolerant, shrink-resistant

Undoubtedly, American & Efird thread is a great choice. Thanks to their vast experience in the industry and unrivaled expertise in manufacturing the durable threads for industrial uses, serger, and sewing machines. Their products are highly reliable across the globe. If you’re looking for a high-quality thread for garment construction and hems, American & Efird Maxi Lock All Purpose Thread should be your top choice. It’s ideal for sewing quilting serger.

American & Efird uses 100% polyester fabric to make the thread reliable. 100% polyester is the most common and inexpensive thread, which also highly versatile. This means you’ll construct strong stitches and seams that will last for years. The fabric outlasts dozens of wash and still maintain its luster.

The bundle comes in 4 black cones measuring 3000 yards each, totaling to 12000 yards. This is quite enough for various stitches. The package is available in black and white colors to choose from. These are neutral colors that can blend with almost any material.

The American & Efird Maxi Lock All Purpose Thread is mildew and UV light tolerant. It’s also shrink- and abrasion-resistant. This allows the thread to withstand various weather conditions. You don’t need to worry about the stitches and hems fading due to exposure to sunlight. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

What are its best features?

  • Made of 100% polyester fabric for added durability
  • It works perfectly with stretchy fabric
  • It delivers consistent and smooth threading
  • High-quality thread for a competitive price

What could be improved?

  • Be careful when ordering from online stores since some might pack poor-quality items

ThreadNanny Sewing Quilting Serger ThreadsRunner Up

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Quantity: 4
  • Shape: cone
  • Length: 12,000 yards total

More features: navy blue, low lint, 40s/2 thick

ThreadNanny is an exclusive producer and distributor of the finest quality machine and hand embroidery accessories. The company ensures the products go through strict quality control. For almost two decades, the company has never compromised on product quality and customer services. And if you want a high-quality serger thread, ThreadNanny Sewing Quilting Serger Threads will suit your projects.

Navy blue is a neutral color that can blend with most stitches. Therefore, you won’t be limited to this thread for commercial or household projects. When it comes to quality, ThreadNanny takes it seriously. That’s why they used the 100% polyester fabric that won’t break even with high-speed sewing machines. The thread is also suitable for Juki 735, or brother 1034D/1034DX machines.

The high-quality, high tensile strength thread is strong enough to ensure your stitching lasts for long. It’s available in 4 cones with 3000 yards per cone. The pools are securely wrapped in clear plastic to prevent damage from dust or other sharp objects that might damage the thread. It’s also great for machine and hand quilting.

ThreadNanny Sewing Quilting Serger Threads are available in other colors such as black, white, grey, light pink, maroon, among many other colors. You can, therefore, easily choose a color of your choice. And if your budget is tight, this is the thread to select. It strikes an excellent balance between affordability and quality.

What stands out?

  • Reasonably priced
  • It's a 2-ply thread with a weight of 40s/2, which is standard for sewing threads
  • It’s medium in size and produces smooth and consistent stitches

What cons did we manage to find?

  • It may not be suitable for embroidery
  • It might give a too heavy appearance on light material such as chiffon

ilauke Overlock Sewing ThreadBest Color Variety

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Quantity: 12
  • Shape: cone
  • Length: 19,620 yards total

More features: color variation, fir for quilting

Sewing is an exciting career. It’s all about been creative with designs and colors. However, the fun can get spoilt if you choose the wrong thread. That’s why we recommend ilauke Overlock Sewing Thread for strong seams and hems. Ilauke is a reliable manufacturer that strives to produce high-quality products. It offers coupon deals that will help you save some bucks. The combination of high-quality and competitive price makes the company stand out.

The package contains 12 pools of 1500m sewing rainbow serger thread totaling to 18000 meters or 19620 yards. The combination of various colors will help you have different seams and become more creative in mixing colors. These 12 assorted rainbow colors meet the requirement of projects needing a mixture of colors.

When it comes to buying a sewing thread, durability becomes a significant factor to consider. And in this case, ilauke Overlock Sewing Thread is made of 100% polyester fabric, which is strong and durable. This means the stitches will withstand hard washing.

The thread can be used by machine or hand sewing. It’s not only for household use but also for the best serger thread for knits. The threads are easy to unwind and excellent quality for garment sewing. Though it’s light, it holds up well. For beginners, this can be an ideal choice since you don’t have to stitch heavy garments.

Why are we impressed?

  • The threads come in vibrant color choices
  • Strong and durable
  • The thread is suitable for free motion quilting
  • It will work on all sergers that use overlock thread
  • Fit for sewing, cross-stitch, weaving, embroidery, and knitting

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not ideal for beading jewelry

Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing ThreadBest Value

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Quantity: 4
  • Shape: cone
  • Length: 24,000 yards total

More features: white, tangle-free, non-stretch, 45-day warranty

Mandala Crafts is a reputable manufacturer that boasts high-quality products, and Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread is no exception. The thread is ideal for general sewing needs without snapping, tangling, and knots. This ensures you have smooth and consistent seams and hems.

It’s made from 100% spun polyester for unrivaled strength and durability. The knot- and tangle-free thread has a continuous length and consistent quality. Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread comes with the best serger thread cones, which are strong and durable.

The jumbo packaging comes in 4 rolls per kit with each roll measuring 6000 yards. You’ll, therefore, have a total of 24000 yards, enough for your projects. This is a great buy considering its affordable price. The high-tensile strength thread will not break with a high-speed machine. It feeds smoothly and evenly. The bulk serger cone thread is compatible with most overlock, serger, and sewing machines.

The Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread is suitable for commercial or home machines with a single needle or hand sewing. Therefore, you’ll not be limited to exploring the whimsical world of creative stitching- whether using hands or machines. You can easily sew through canvas, quilt, cotton, drapery, or flannel.

What makes it special?

  • You can use the thread with a regular home machine if the spool fits the machine
  • It can be used in an overlock machine
  • Suitable for straight stitch
  • Great quality and value

What cons did we find?

  • The thread might keep snagging and breaking
  • Too thin

AK Trading 4-Pack Navy Blue All Purpose Sewing Thread ConesBest for Embroidery

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Quantity: 4
  • Shape: cone
  • Length: 24,000 yards’ total

More features: color variation, low lint, fit for embroidery

Your stitching or sewing projects can be simplified by securing the best serger thread. The AK. Trading company promises to offer a superior thread that won’t break, lose color, bleed, or shrink. The AK Trading All Purpose Sewing Thread is a versatile and a must-have product for every sewing project.

It comes in 4 cones of polyester threads for sewing quilting serger. There are over 30 colors in stock to give you a wide range of options. This thread is excellent for a serger machine. It’s a high quality, low lint, and high tensile strength thread that will make the garments last for long. It’s made from 100% polyester spun to ensure the thread will not break or fray easily.

Each cone is 6000 yards, which will make you receive a total of 24000 yards. Each spool weighs 40s, making the spools suitable for all sorts of embroidery projects. The threads are ideal for Brother, JANOME, Singer, Babylock, Pegasus, Juki, and many types of sewing machines.

The AK Trading All Purpose Sewing Threads have a wide range of applications. The threads are suitable for any commercial or home machine. They can be used for a serger, Merrow, overlock, and many more. These threads can be used in a variety of embroidery or sewing machines. The superior strength prevents the threads from breaking at high-speed machines.

Why are we impressed?

  • This serger thread has an excellent tensile strength which prevents it from fraying or breaking
  • Has a wide range of applications such as embroidery, quilting, DIY crafts, and applique
  • It’s compatible with a variety of sewing machines
  • No shrinking

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • A few clients claim that the thread breaks
  • Be careful when ordering since the product might arrive broken
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Things to Consider

No matter the size or quality of your serger, choosing the wrong thread will result in more disappointment. This might frustrate you out of your sewing careers. Fortunately, we have outlined the necessary factors to consider when purchasing to give up on. The FAQ segment will answer some of the most compelling questions asked by users.

Why you should pay attention to choosing serger thread

5 Great Serger Threads - Your Finishing Touch for Perfect Sewing Projects

Choosing the best serger thread for your home or commercial projects is crucial for securing a reliable machine. The market is saturated with several threads that promise to deliver smooth and consistent seams and hence. However, not all threads are as good as they’re advertised to be.

It’s, therefore, ideal to pay attention to the serger thread you’re choosing. The right material will also prevent the thread from breaking or fraying. The right thread will not form knots or tangle itself. This will ensure you have smooth and consistent stitches.

More so, you don’t have to break the bank for a quality serger thread. There are various brands that offer reasonable prices, with threads that deliver professional-grade projects.

How to properly arrange serger threads

Thread is what holds your garment together. It gives your project a stunning finish, so you should take care of it. And did you know threads have an expiration date? A good thread is good for about five years. However, it might be challenging to know how long it has been in the store. To check if it’s fit for your project, do a stress test. Stretch it, and if it breaks easily, then it’s too old. If it looks fuzzy, then it won’t be fit for stitches.

Always have your thread where you can see it. Arrange the threads based on colors so you can grab the one you want quickly. Get a thread rack, which generally has rows of spool holders. Racks make it easy to access threads.

Another option is the thread boxes. These boxes are designed with lids to cover the thread. The small compartments of spool holders keep your serger threads separated. Since they have lids, they prevent dust from settling on your threads. The boxes are great for arranging and organizing and make it easy to get access to what you’re looking for.

Features to consider while buying the best serger thread

Here are the essential factors to pay attention to when purchasing the best serger thread.


Just like other items on the market, serger threads are available at different prices. In most cases, a higher price is associated with high quality and durability. However, this doesn’t mean you need to empty your bank account for a thread. There are pretty decent brands with competitive prices. Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread is an excellent example of a strong and durable serger thread that comes at a low price.


5 Great Serger Threads - Your Finishing Touch for Perfect Sewing Projects

The size of a serger thread is a crucial consideration for any serging project. Thickness influences several aspects of the embroidery design, quilt, and art of clothing. More so, it enhances the tensile strength and tenacity. ThreadNanny Sewing Quilting Serger Threads is 40s/2 thick. This means it’s strong and cannot break easily.


The fabric used determines the durability and strength of a thread. There are different materials used such as;

  • Polyester: This is a synthetic-based material that is purely human-made. It’s durable, low maintenance, and relatively inexpensive. It can withstand moderate heat and can easily be engineered to resemble silk, cotton, or even nylon. However, it’s more abrasive than silk or cotton, and you wouldn’t want to try it out on your expensive silk chiffon.
  • Nylon: It’s a synthetic thread that’s relatively easy to use and inexpensive. A wooly nylon serger thread has good elasticity. Nylon thread doesn’t shrink. Bonded nylon is suitable for utility projects like camping equipment, tool belts, and sports gear.
  • Silk: Silk is flexible, fine, and durable. It holds dye well, lint-free, washable, and available in different weights. Since it’s an animal-based fiber, it works perfectly with booth wool and silk fabric. Often, silk is used in fine embroidery, exquisite tailoring, and sewing buttons.
  • Wool: Wool is an animal-based fiber created from sheep fleece. Wool threads are commonly used in machine or hand needlework.

These are some of the primary materials used in serger threads. Polyester is commonly used since it’s readily available and inexpensive.


Serger threads cone in cones or spools. When using spools, it’s advisable to use the vertical pin fitted on top of your machine. Placing the thread horizontally might cause tension. Spools are wound with a straight wind.

Cone shape, such as AK Trading All Purpose Sewing Thread, is generally cheaper than spool thread. The wider end faces down while the narrow end faces up. This allows the thread to be pulled easily. And due to its inexpensiveness, most people find it appealing.


The purpose of buying the best serger thread is to ensure it will last for long. Several factors determine the durability. For instance, the cord of the thread is an essential factor to pay attention to. Corded threads can be described as 2, 3, and even 9-ply threads. A corded thread is thicker and stronger, hence durable.

The material used also plays a vital role. Polyester is a synthetic fabric designed to be durable. Therefore, when buying a serger thread, choose a corded one and one made from durable material. This way, your stitches on the garment will last long.

Color variation

5 Great Serger Threads - Your Finishing Touch for Perfect Sewing Projects

Serger threads are available in different color variations. ilauke Overlock Sewing Thread is available in several colors to choose from. For the right color, unravel the end of the thread and place it across the fabric. The right thread will disappear or blend well with the material. For a multicolored fabric, pick a dominant color of thread. However, having a myriad of polyester and cotton threads in black and white is always a noble idea. Get a uniformly dyed thread which will provide immunity and uniformity when exposed to washing.


Good tensile strength of the serger will hold the stitched seam and hem securely during wear and tear. The absence of faults and smooth surfaces ensures there is less friction between the fabric and needle during high-speed serging.

Ensure the thread is well lubricated to boost its sewability. More so, the smoothness will prevent abrasion. A smooth thread moves swiftly and quickly through the needle and material.



Today, the market is saturated with threads from different manufactures. All brands promise to deliver quality, durable and strong products. However, not all brands are as advertised. Some are more into quantity rather than quality. And if you happen to buy threads from such companies, you’ll get disappointed.

When you’re buying serger thread, get it from a reputable manufacturer. First, check the experience. Vast experience in the field means that the company knows how to engineer high-quality threads. Also, check the technology they use. The spinning and twisting technology will determine the durability of the serger thread.

If you’re new to serging, you may seek advice from professionals in the field. When shopping online, read reviews to get detailed information from previous clients.

Over time, you’ll need to replace your thread. And if you don’t choose a reliable and internationally known manufacturer, you’ll have a hard time getting the right piece. And be vigilant for brands that offer low-ball prices. Cheap can be expensive at the end.


A serger thread that is manufactured today will last longer than a thread that was manufactured 10 or 15 years ago. The material used will also affect the durability of any given thread. However, a high-quality serger thread that is produced today can be fine to be used even in 20 years to come. Thanks to the twisting, spinning, and dyeing technology used today in engineering threads.

Yes, you can. However, using the standard thread on a serger can be quite expensive. You’ll run out in about 15 minutes. Not unless it’s in emergencies, it will be unnecessary to use a regular thread on a serger.

In most cases, you’ll only need four spools of thread for sewing a standard 4-thread overlock seam. Use primary and neutral colors such as greys, blacks, or browns. They will cover you through in your serger projects.

Our Verdict

If you want to construct the best seams and hems, purchase quality serger thread. The reviewed threads above are quite affordable, with the cones and spools measuring as long as 3000-6000 yards. However, some threads stand out.

Our first pick is American & Efird Maxi Lock All Purpose Thread. It comes in 4 large cones with 3000 yards each. This is the best maxi lock serger thread, designed to give you smooth seams and hems. The 100% polyester fabric makes the thread durable for excellent seamstrength and consistent sewability.

Our second pick is ThreadNanny Sewing Quilting Serger Threads. The threads are available in different colors. The high quality, high tensile strength, and low lint threads are suitable for any home or commercial machine. The threads come in 4 cones of durable polyester threads of 3000 yards each. They can be used on all regular sewing, serger home, piecing, and high-speed commercial machine.

If you’re looking for the best serger thread that comes at a decent cost, Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread makes the right choice. This is our third choice product. It’s great for sewing, hemming, or seaming upholstery, canvas, drapery, or cotton.

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