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If you have a quality sewing machine, then you require high-quality needles as well to make the best use of it. Besides, you don’t want cheap ones that break quickly as that would necessitate too many trips to the store.

As such, you would want to narrow the countless options available and determine the best selection for your needs. Consequently, we reviewed 18 of the best sewing machine needles and can comfortably present you with the top 8 out of those. Even out of the eight listed below, one has to stand out more than the rest, and that is the 50 Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles option. It is hard to find a household sewing machine that isn’t compatible with this set of needles. Also, if you look at the name of the toolset, you see the number 50, and that describes the total number of universal needles in the package. The needles have slightly rounded points that are perfect for most applications. You should, however, also remember that there are seven more great products listed below that you can consider.

You will as well need to know the criteria used to grade each option. It includes the needle system, needle size, suitability of needles to various machines as well as needle type. Additional features may also be responsible for an extra point for specific options. It is even likely that you don’t want to expend the same effort as we did checking manufacturer websites, Amazon, as well as customer reviews. But since we already did that, you don’t have to. The buying guide, ranking table, and in-depth reviews below should make it a lot easier to choose the best sewing machine needles in the market.

Top 8 Sewing Machine Needles Review 2021


50 Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine NeedlesEditor’s Choice

  • Machine types: all “household” sewing machines
  • Needle type: universal
  • Needle size: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14

Other features: needle system 130/705 H, slightly rounded point, five cards of 10 needles each, for wovens and knits

A set of 50 total needles is difficult to run through even if you break one needle a week. This is not to mean that the set isn’t durable. So long as you use it for the right purpose, then the needles should remain pristine in quality for quite a while. The package comes with five cards, each lined with ten universal needles. Since they are universal, it should be alright for you to use them on a variety of fabrics as well. You should, however, avoid using them on sturdy fabrics, as that may lead to their damage. As mentioned in the features listed, the needle system is 130/705. Most home sewing machines use the same system, and as such, this tool is perfect if you already have a machine at home. Also, the rounded tip is expected to slip through yarns instead of cutting through them. This makes it ideal for fabrics that tend to unravel when cut.

Why did it make our list?

  • A high number of needles
  • Compatible with most home sewing machines
  • Works with most fabrics
  • A variety of needle sizes in the package

What is not ideal about it?

  • Doesn’t include needles for more robust materials that you would need to cut or pierce into

GROZ-BECKERT Sewing Machine NeedlesBudget Pick

  • Machine types: most industrial flat sewing machines
  • Needle type: ballpoint
  • Needle size: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18

Other features: needle system DB X 1, Nm 1738, 16 X 257, 71 X 1, 16 X 231, 287 WH, have a round shank, 3.8 cm long

You may also want to pick a set of needles that works with your pre-owned flat sewing machine. If that is the case, the ideal pick is the GROZ-BECKERT Sewing Machine Needles. You will be glad to know it comes with variable size needles, and that makes it a versatile set to own. Also, since it is probably for commercial purposes, it helps to have different size needles at hand.

At less than 10 dollars, this is also one of the more affordable sets you can own.

What are its best features?

  • Suitable for commercial sewing machines
  • Relatively cheap
  • Versatile due to the different sizes included

What could be improved?

  • Not ideal for use with a handful of household machines

HONEYSEW Blue, Purple, Red Tip NeedlesBest Color-Coded Needles

  • Machine types: domestic sewing machine
  • Needle type: stretch, universal, ballpoint
  • Needle size: 11, 14

Other features: blue tip needle has an oversize eye to accommodate embroidery thread, the purple tip needle has specially designed “Cobra Head.”

A variety set is also good to have lying around since you can handle different types of sewing jobs with a single purchase. This particular purchase comes with three sets of five pieces each. Just like it is mentioned above, you have blue tip needles as a first. These are designed for embroidery purposes due to the oversized eye that they incorporate.

You also get purple-tipped needles that are specifically designed for stretch fabrics, and the third type is the universal needle. The red color of the tips will indicate this. These Janome sewing machine needles also come in two sizes, which should be a plus for the variety of uses you have in mind. Nevertheless, these needles will not do very well in a commercial sewing setting.

Why did it make our list?

  • Variety of needles
  • Color-coded so you can tell them apart
  • Works as long as you are using a domestic sewing machine

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not ideal for commercial application

SCHMETZ Microtex Sewing Machine NeedlesBest Microtex Sewing Machine Needles

  • Machine types: all “household” sewing machines
  • Needle type: Microtex (sharp)
  • Needle size: 70/10

Other features: needle system 130/705H, 100 needles/box, for microfibers, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, coated materials

This is a specialty needle set by the SCHMETZ manufacturer. It is also a product that receives tons of good reviews from some of its previous users. Just like some tools mentioned above, this toolset will work with any household machine that you own.

The needle-type, being microtex, is a crucial feature to look into, and this couples with the 70/10 size with a sharp point. These features make it ideal for use with fabrics like leather and polyester mentioned in the features section above.

What are our favorite features?

  • Works with fabrics such as polyester, foils, artificial leather and coated materials
  • Excellent for quilting

What could be better?

  • The most expensive item on our list thus far

SCHMETZ Universal - Size 90/14Best 90/14 Bulk Set

  • Machine types: household sewing machine
  • Needle type: universal
  • Needle size: 90/14

 Other features: needle system 130/705H (15×1),  general-purpose needle for woven fabrics, has a medium sharp point, top is flat, grooved at the eye area

The SCHMETZ Universal – Size 90/14 is another set you can use with all types of home sewing machines. The packaging is rather simple, with a single box holding all the needles. You can see the needle system used in this set to be 130/705; hence its compatibility with several household sewing machines.

Also, this is a universal sewing kit meaning it works well with the majority of woven fabrics. Other details you might want to look into are the medium sharp point and the groove at the eye area. Additionally, the top is flat.

The needle size is also one to investigate as it is described to be 90/14. The purpose of such a needle size is to be able to pierce through finely woven fabrics inclusive of silk and a few more.

Why are we impressed?

  • Works with finely woven fabrics
  • comes with 100 needles in total

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The price is more or less hefty coming in at close to 40 dollars

SCHMETZ Universal - Size 75/11Best 75/11 Bulk Set

  • Machine types: household sewing machine
  • Needle type: universal
  • Needle size: 75/11

Other features: needle system 130/705H (15×1), have a slightly rounded point, bulk packaging, 100 needles/box

This is yet another bulk packaging option provided by the SCHMETZ manufacturer. As such, you will get the same 100 piece package as the one for the size 90/14 set. Also, this is a universal set for most fabrics you can think of. Unless it is denim, corduroy, or any other similar hard material, these needles will be a breeze to use. They also function best when you need to layer certain fabrics.

The rounded point is particularly handy when you are afraid that the needle might damage a thread and cause the yarn to unravel.

What makes it stand out?

  • Comes in a bulk package
  • Works well even with the layering of fabrics
  • Works with almost all home sewing machines

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • As compared to other sets this is still a pricey set, but it also compensates for that by giving more needles

SINGER MULTI4758 Heavy Duty Machine NeedlesBest Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Needles

  • Machine types: all quality sewing machines
  • Needle type: universal
  • Needle size: 110/18

Other features: 6 pack, size is color-coded, for use on heavyweight fabrics such as denim, drapery, wool and corduroy

If the goal is to get sewing on tougher materials such as corduroy and wool, this might be the toolset to go with. As such, the needle would have to have a stiff shaft and a sharp tip, which it does. This is also depicted in the needle size if you can decipher that from the coding. You get a six-pack with each purchase of this tool, each with three needles, and all you need to part with is slightly less than 23 dollars.

Another positive that comes from buying this tool is the fact that size is color-coded and in addition marked on the case holder. If you have a singer, Kenmore, or Brother sewing machine, you will likely find that this needle set is compatible. You will also find a few other quality machines as compatible as well.

What do we love it for?

  • Compatible with several sewing machines
  • Works with tougher fabrics
  • Comes color-coded and the holders are also marked with size

What were we disappointed with?

  • May cause damage to softer fabrics

100 ORGAN Flat Shank - size 70/10Best Flat Shank Needles

  • Machine types: home sewing machines
  • Needle type: universal
  • Needle size: 70/10

Other features: needle system 130/705H (15×1), flat-shank needle, various knits, and woven fabrics, have a slightly rounded point

Woven fabrics and knits won’t be a problem to handle if you have this kit lying around. The points themselves are slightly rounded, so there will be minimal damage to any fabric that you sew using this kit. As well you will have a variety of machines to choose from if you don’t have one already since the 130/705H system, as mentioned before, works with virtually all home sewing machines.

Why is it special?

  • Works with many home sewing machines
  • Works with various knit and woven fabrics
  • Pricing is inexpensive

What are the flaws?

  • Most users are only full of praise for this product with no negatives

Things to Consider

It is almost sure that if you have a sewing machine and you make regular use of it, you will need to buy needles at some point or another. If you go into the process of buying all willy nilly, you could purchase flimsy needles that break at the first sign of use or, worse, purchase incompatible ones. This is why you need a buying guide like the one below.

Features to consider when choosing sewing machine needles

Features dictate the compatibility of the needles with the sewing machine you have at home or in your workplace, and even with the fabrics, you intend to use them on. Consequently, you may need to familiarize yourself with the various technical terms of the features and what they mean before you embark on your selection process.

Needle type

8 Best-Quality Sewing Machine Needles - Reviews and Buying GuideThere are a few needle types that usually work with different types of fabrics. An example is given where microtex needles similar to the SCHMETZ Microtex Sewing Machine Needles that featured on our list are ideal for fine fabrics and synthetic materials. Ballpoint needles have a rounded tip, and this prevents them from cutting into the fabric, and instead, they slip between the small spaces in the yarn. This makes them better for woven fabrics.

Another subgroup of needles is universal, which, just as the name says, is more or less a general purpose needle. Also, you may encounter a stretch needle that is better for use with more elastic fabrics. There are a few other needle types such as metallic and leather needles, all with their unique applications.

Needle size

Size is also a factor that very much dictates how you can use each needle. It is not always straightforward to tell the size of a needle simply because the code used is not common. As such, values such as 70/10 may be confusing to see for a beginner into the sewing field. Nevertheless, you will see specific sizes being used for particular purposes, such as the 80/12 being used with metallic threads. Similarly, the 110/18 size needle in the SINGER MULTI4758 Heavy Duty Machine Needles is for heavier fabrics.

Also, try to acquire all the sizes you can find so that you will have a needle for each type of material you deal with.

What kind of machines it is suitable for

Most of the needles in the list provided above are going to work with the household sewing machines you have except for the GROZ-BECKERT Sewing Machine Needles. There are also commercial machines out there, and you may find that you already own one. Buying needles that are incompatible will not do you any good, and thus you should check to see if they are a good match. Even if some of the vendor sites do not have this information on the description, you will likely find it in the customer reviews section. If not, you can check the needle system used as that will also provide insight on the same.

Needle system

Again, this is an area where technical terms are used. You will see figures like 130/705 H, which we have already determined to be the designation for the needle system used on most home sewing machines. This system can also be depicted as 15×1 H.

Other features

8 Best-Quality Sewing Machine Needles - Reviews and Buying GuideIf you are unable to choose between two excellent options, extra features may help break a tie. These include features like being color-coded, so you quickly know which needle to use for a particular purpose. You may also find bulk packaging to be a plus as you would have to make fewer orders from amazon. Also, if a few of the needles break, it is not a problem since you can easily replace them. As well when a toolset has extra features you end up getting more value for your money.


There are various ways to determine the right time to change needles. If no issues arise you should do so every eight hours. You can also change the needle after using two full bobbins. Usually, the tip will be pretty dull by then. If you use a pre-wound bobbin, you can reduce this number to two bobbins used.

You can sharpen a machine needle, but it has been proven to be more cost-effective just to buy new ones. You waste a lot less time this way. Besides, you can order from amazon as soon as you see your supply running low and have them delivered by the time you are out.

It could be because you have used the needle on a fabric that is incompatible with them, or it could be because they’ve lost their sharpness. The tip is supposed to pierce through the material, and if for some reason it is unable to, the pressure exerted by the machine will cause it to break.

Our Verdict

The 50 Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles set is our editor’s choice and also our first pick if we were to order needles from Amazon. It has a versatile set of needles due to the different sizes incorporated. Also, it is compatible with the majority of machines that people may have in their homes. In addition to that, it strikes a balance between many needles in the package and a reasonable pricing point.

Another toolset to have variable size needles is the GROZ-BECKERT Sewing Machine Needles. Nevertheless, these needles work with commercial machines and is the only set of its kind on our list. That makes it a top purchase toolset for commercial purposes.

Another top product to feature on our list is the HONEYSEW Blue, Purple, Red Tip Needles. These have different size needles, but what is most impressive about them is the coloring on the tips. Once you are familiar with that, you will be able to tell which needle is for which purpose, thereby reducing mistakes when sewing. There are undoubtedly other top quality sewing machine needles out there, but we feel the eight mentioned above are some of the best.

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