10 Best Sewing Machines For All Kinds Of Skills And Projects

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Whether you’ve been looking for a new hobby or are completing sewing projects as a means for a little extra income, having the best sewing machine on the market can definitely help you with sewing tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. If speed isn’t top priority on your list, you can also take your pick on sewing machines that make sewing easier for beginners, ones that specialize in daring clothes designs or ones that tackle heavier projects.

No matter what your needs may be for a sewing machine, there is definitely one out there on the market that can fit the bill. In our review, we’ve gone through the various features you might be looking for in a sewing machine, like the speed, weight, number of stitches, max stitch width and length, and guarantee. These features—and pinpointing which ones are most important to you—are what make the machine. Let our guide help you with picking out the best one for your project.

Through the hundreds of hours we spent scanning the web, using various independent sources from experts in the field, we’ve gathered all that information for you under one article. Please go through our comparison table, our in-detail reviews of each of the sewing machines, and finally, read our last bit at the end—our buying guide—that can finalize any indecisions you may have before you buy. We hope that this article can help you pick the best sewing machine for your project and for your expertise.

Top 10 Sewing Machines Review 2021


Bernette B38 Editor's Choice

  • Speed: 820 spm
  • Stitches: 394
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 5 mm
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: 8 presser feet, extension table included, automatic limitation for double needles, automatic thread cutter and tie-off function

Especially if you sew in your profession, you’ll want the best of the best. The Bernette B38 is one of the most affordable top models of the Bernette 30 series of sewing machines. Not only is it uniquely designed with 394 stitches available, it also has boasts a wide range of functions that come with only the top brands.

The Bernette B38 has not only 394 different stitches, including the stretch stitch for elastic fabrics but that also means it’s highly capable in creating unique projects and perfecting the design on them.

The Bernette B38 also has eight different 1-step buttonholes and three alphabets for the finer details of small projects. So, if you’re looking to complete even the finest of particulars.

More features that are also included with the Bernette B38 also include a memory function, which makes it possible that you can store various combinations of patterns. That way, your future projects will be much easier to get done with less tinkering on your part.

The Bernette 38 has a useful speed regulator, which can be adjusted on the display and set to perfect your projects. To easily click through the various programs and different settings, you can access all of it through the bright LED sewing light. Some more features of this machine include a threader, an automatic cutter, and a manual thread cutter.

What makes it stand out?

  • If you’re sewing creatively, this is perfect
  • Has the least amount of noise when compared to other machines
  • Great machine for beginners
  • Comes backed with a 10-year warranty against defective materials and 2-year warranty on electrical parts

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • It is intended for household use only and not for professional jobs
  • Doesn’t have embroidery functions
  • One of the heaviest machine at 20 lbs
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SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Best Portable Sewing Machine

  • Speed: 850 spm
  • Stitches: 600
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 7 mm
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: automatic needle threader, LCD screen, mirroring and elongation functions, auto pilot and speed control, extension table included

With over 600 built-in stitches and a lightweight build, the SINGER 9960 is the perfect sewing machine if you need a portable one to take to sewing class and back. It might not be as portable as a handheld sewing machine but it does everything a sewist needs for outgoing work.

Since it has 600 built-in stitches, you’ll be sure to access basic stitches for your project but also complete decorative and stretch stitches for any other more detailed project like clothing construction, quilting, home decor, and crafting.

Although it is one of the most portable sewing machines, the SINGER 9960 also has a variety of features that you just cannot ignore. Not only does it have a 7-segment feeding system that can offer fabric feeding, but it also is capable of a box feed feature. This feature helps with the fabric feeding process by moving the feed dogs in a box-like motion instead of the traditional arc motion.

The SINGER 9960 also has features including an automatic thread trimmer for while you’re working, an extra-wide extension table for those large jobs five built-in alphabets for any type of lettering or monogram addition, a presser foot sensor, and LED lights that last up to 100,000 hours for all those late-night sewing projects.

Why are we impressed?

  • The feet work with easy on/off access
  • Speed control and self-threading are great features
  • The machine and control panel make seeing the notches much easier.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Need the manual while learning the stitches
  • Threading the bobbin is quite difficult
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SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985Best Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Speed: 850 spm
  • Stitches: 900
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 5 mm
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: LCD screen, built-in thread cutter, speed control, stitch elongation, mirror imaging, built-in needle threader, OneTouch™ stitch selection.

As the best industrial sewing machine on the market, the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985 is a great tool to have—whether it’s in your home or in your office space.

Especially if you are a beginner, you can definitely appreciate the large color touch LCD screen, with its easy to see and use features. You already strain your eyes with sewing, why should picking a program also take a toll?

You can also use the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985 for any project, since it comes with    960 Built-in Stitches, which makes it possible to take on any project, whether you need basic, stretch or decorative stitches.

You can even pre-program the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985 with 6 Fonts with Memory to create unique stitch sequences so you don’t have to plug it in every time. There is also a great feature including the built-in thread cutter to trim both top and bottom threads while you’re in the middle of sewing.

The SINGER sewing machine allows you to also maintain your specific speed control, to get the most precision and volume while you sew. For some extra bonus features, you can also customize the length and width of the thread, as well as choose your stitches to be mirror-imaged or elongated.

What stands out?

  • 960 different stitches available
  • 13 different buttonhole styles to choose from
  • Large LCD screen with programming
  • Speed control for optimal sewing
  • 25-year limited warranty

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not for heavier fabrics like sew wool, velvet, heavy denim, or multiple layers of thick fabric.
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Brother PE800Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

  • Embroidery field: 5 x 7’’
  • Embroidery designs: 138
  • Weight: 16.3 lbs
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: LCD display, automatic needle threader, built-in USB port

The Brother PE800 is a great embroidery sewing machine if you’re looking to dazzle others with your embroidery and designs. With a 5” x 7” embroidery field, you can easily see your workspace and also be able to seem them on-screen with the large color touch display screen. Weighing only 16 lbs, this machine is extremely lightweight, making it very portable to take with you to a sewing class or transfer from the storage space to your sewing desk.

With 138 built-in embroidery designs, the Brother PE800 makes it simple to choose from—or you can import your own. Some of these designs include 10 frame designs and 11 built-in fonts for unique and decorative projects.

Not only can you customize your project through these designs, you can also use the Brother PE800 features that include rotating, mirror-imaging, increasing and decreasing the size of your designs, and actually seeing how your edited design looks, right on the color LCD display.

The Brother PE800 is also great because of its ease-of-use for beginners. It is easy to use, thread, and follow the threading diagram. You can also benefit with this embroidery machine for beginners beginner from the automatic needle threader and the step-by-step tutorials right on the LCD touch screen display.

Why are we impressed?

  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Has a large embroidery area to create versatile designs
  • Able to edit the built-in designs.
  • User-friendly and efficient for beginners

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • If you’re only wanting to sew, this machine is specifically designed for embroidery
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Juki HZL-F600Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

  • Speed: 900 spm
  • Stitches: 225
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 5 mm
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: extension table included, elongation stitches feature, automatic needle threader, automatic thread trimming, knee lift lever

If you are looking to quilt, the Juki HZL-F600 is not only capable of handling up to 900 spm in speed control, it also features Box Feed Technology that makes it the perfect contender to beat out all other quilting machines. With a 5-year limited warranty, the Juki HZL-F600 holds up to its name—all 21 lbs of it.

This sort of lightweight material from its build can still handle thick projects and thicker material. For your quilts and large project to run through, you’ll also need a wide sewing space. The Juki HZL-F600 comes with an extension table included, an elongated stitches features, a knee lift lever.

You can also access the various features of the Juki HZL-F600, including the free motion sewing, the automatic needle threader, and the automatic thread trimming. With a large variety of patterns and stitches—255 sewing patterns—you will be able to complete projects of the decorative, utility, and alphabet design. These patterns also include a variety of four fonts.

You can also access a large LCD display and an easy pattern selection of highest-quality button holes.

What makes it stand out?

  • It is great for quilting, with large throat space, extension table, walking foot, free motion foot, thread cutter, and a needle threader
  • Worked right out of the box with not much of a learning curve

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • A broken gear appeared after only a few years
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Brother CS7000XBest Accessories

  • Speed: 750 SPM
  • Stitches: 70
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 5 mm
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

Other features: sewing and quilting machine, automatic needle threader, LCD display, extended table and free arm, 10 included feet,

Scanning the list of features displayed alongside the Brother CS7000X will likely give you a few reasons why you should part with your money for a chance to have it in your workshop. It works for several functions key among them being sewing. However, being able to quilt as well as employ different stitching techniques with the same machine may one day come in handy.

A wide table is added to the sewing machine’s design. However, this component can be removed at will. There is also the free arm which can be used for sewing cuffs, sleeves and other cylindrical cloth parts.

Furthermore, buyers of the Brother CS7000X will definitely like the automatic needle threader. This sewing machine also comes equipped with an LCD screen which is incredibly handy in its operation and control.

Additionally, seeing as though there are 70 stitches incorporated, it might be a challenge to remember them all. There is, nonetheless, no requirement for you to test your memory in this way. You can use the reference guide conveniently placed on the side of the machine and easily get the results you want.

If you are experimenting, the adjustable speed control may help. You can slow down your stitches to ensure you eliminate any mistakes that you might make.

Also, take note of the fact that ten stitching feet are part of the package. You still might have to buy a few others over time. However, the ten included are an excellent way to start you off.

What do we love it for?

  • You get a reference point for the 70 included stitches on the side of the machine
  • The machine is capable of free-arm stitching
  • The sewing speed is adjustable
  • Included accessories for the device are a wide table, 10 feet and more
  • An LCD display is part of the sewing machine’s design
  • 25-year warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • The device may struggle where thicker fabrics are used


Singer Professional 14T968DC SergerBest Sewing Machine Serger

  • Speed: 1300 spm
  • Thread capability: 2-3-4
  • Stitches: 12
  • Weight: 18.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: self-adjusting tension system, 4 built-in rolled hems, color-coded threading system, differential feed, adjustable stitch length and width, speed control

Labeled as a professional sewing machine, this serger is one of the best you’ll get on the market for this price. The Singer 14T968DC not only runs on a professional level, it can also save you time—which is great if you ARE a professional and have a ton of sewing jobs to do.

One of the biggest time-saving features is the fact that it sews a seam and seam finish at the same time, all the while as it trims the excess seam allowance off.

Did we mention that the performance is at a professional level? If you are looking for flawless finishes to your projects, especially when it comes to seams and seam finishes, the Singer 14T968DC is the right choice for you.

You are also able to use 2 threads, 3 threads, 4 threads or 5 threads to be able to navigate your way through various stitch combinations. Whether you need to sew a narrow and tight hem or you’ll need to stitch up something stretchy, you can tackle all kinds of projects with the Singer 14T968DC. Although it only has 12 stitches available, you still are going to be able to take on the most basic projects. Besides, Sergers are normally for those big projects anyway.

What truly sets the Singer 14T968DC apart is the wide range of extra presser feet to make it highly capable, especially with elastic wraps and beads.

What makes it special?

  • Professional performance with amazing capabilities
  • Can sew up to 1300 spm!
  • 25-year limited warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Not the best if you’re looking into getting delicate jobs done
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Ever Sewn Sparrow 30sBest Sewing Machine For Kids

  • Speed: 850 spm
  • Stitches: 310
  • Stitch width: 7 mm
  • Stitch length: 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: stitch memory function, automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure, automatic stop/lock button, adjustable sewing speed, LCD screen

If your kid is looking to get into sewing at a young age, the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30s is the perfect choice for kids.

Weighing only 15 lbs, this machine has a 10-year limited warranty, which means that it can stay solid and reliable as your kid grows with it. Especially since it is designed with kids in mind, it is very user-friendly when it comes to beginner sewers.

Every feature on the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30s is a unique and thoughtful component to a beginner’s sewing machine. Not only does the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30s has 310 stitch patterns, which makes multiple projects very possible—whether you’re using 32  utility stitches, 84 decorative stitches or full alphabet in both script and block style, but it also reaches high speeds of 850 spm, which can get a ton of basic projects done.

You and your child will appreciate the memory function of the stitches on the machine since it saves certain stitch combinations that make future sewing much easier. With supervision, your child will also be able to cut his or her thread automatically with the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30s.

Additional features include an adjustable presser foot pressure, sewing speed control, start/stop function, needle stop up/down, and seven standard presser feet(soles), as well as an extension table, which makes it deserving of the best sewing machine for kids title.

What makes it special?

  • Has an LCD screen for easy use
  • Various stitches for various projects
  • The automatic threader makes it simple for children to get the machine ready
  • Selecting stitches and adjusting the width and length is easy for a child

What cons did we find?

  • Some of the features included may require parent control for the first time
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Janome 2212Best Janome Sewing machine

  • Speed: n/a
  • Stitches: 12
  • Stitch width: 5 mm
  • Stitch length: 4 mm
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Warranty: n/a

Other features: four-step buttonhole, dial pattern selection, zig-zag stitch width and stitch length adjustment, free arm, drop feed

For entry-level users of sewing machines, it seems like the Janome 2212 is one of your best bets. It doesn’t have that many stitch patterns, but this may be an asset if you’re trying to learn the trade. After all, too many stitch patterns may overwhelm newbies.

For the 12 stitches available you’ll cycle and switch between them by turning the dial. This sewing machine should allow you to adjust the length and width of stitches as you see fit. Users can as well easily handle buttonhole creation with this purchase.

Also, this machine comes with a free arm that is more than ideal for curved and cylindrical sewing. The drop feed is also a pro feature worth mentioning as it makes your sewing work easier. That said it is common and will better prepare you for when you upgrade to a different machine.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy to use and ideal for newbies
  • Relatively versatile
  • Users have total control over length and width of stitches

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not many stitch patterns are included
  • The sewing machines is relatively heavier than other options with more features


Janome Pink SorbetBudget Pick

  • Speed: 800 spm
  • Stitches: 15
  • Stitch width: 5 mm
  • Stitch length: 4 mm
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: front-loading bobbin system, reverse lever, darning plate, removable free arm, adjustable thread tension

The Janome Pink Sorbet is what you get when you’re expecting quality at an affordable price. Weighing only 12 lbs, yet reaching speeds of up to 800 spm, the Janome Pink Sorbet is a great buy if you want to experience the fun of serious sewing.

Bright pink like the name suggests, this sewing machine is a great pick if you want to stay in your budget but also want to pick up a new hobby. Designed in particular for beginners, the Janome Pink Sorbet not only is an easy-to-use sewing machine, it was also specifically designed with an easy-to-follow Instruction Manual, a Quick Start Guide and comes with various YouTube video tutorials to get you started.

The Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine also features various other unique features that sets it apart from other machines in its price class. Not only does it have a built-in bobbin loading guide that makes that skill easy, it also has 15 of the most popular built-in stitches, a four-step buttonhole, adjustable stitch length, and a front-loading bobbin system.

Although it might be cute on the outside, the Janome Pink Sorbet is built with an interior heavy duty metal frame, dual retractable spool pins, and four presser feet, which makes it extremely reliable—which is also sent through its 25-year limited guarantee.

What makes it stand out?

  • Has an easy-to-read instruction manual with illustrations
  • Has space for two spools of thread for projects. The spool holders also retract, which is great for storage
  • Useful for free-motion quilting
  • Removable arm makes mending small items easy
  • Comes with three bobbins included
  • The thread length is effective and stable.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The front-loading bobbin design might hard to work with—especially for beginners
  • There’s no thread cutter in the design
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Things to Consider

After being introduced with the best sewing machines on the market, you’re going to have to sort out the features of which is best for you and your various sewing projects. This sort of decision comes down to a few things—the features being some of them.
We hope this buying guide can help you decide on which is the sewing machine can thread through your project with ease—without breaking the bank.

Sew your own success – get familiar with a sewing machine

Whether you want to sew as a hobby or want to create the best clothing products on the market, a quality sewing machine is something that you should have in your back corner.

One of the most important things, however, before you buy, is to get familiar with a sewing machine—just one in general, before you have to get familiar with a particular one you have your eye on.

To help you out, here is a bit of help in describing some important types of sewing machines:

  • A serger machine: To help you with the finishing touches on any sewing project, a serger can power through your basic jobs but also add a bit of flair, it can be suited to different skill levels, as you might want to purchase a serger for beginners or an industrial serger
  • An embroidery machine: This sort of machine can help with creating quilt squares or monogramming. Choosing a machine like the Brother PE800, which we’ve labeled as the best embroidery sewing machine on the market, will be your best bet for embroidering.
  • An all-in-one machine: Really does it all. It can embroider, provide serger options, and straight-stitching options, as well as perform at a professional level. If you are looking for the highest quality machinery, then the all-in-one machine is best for you.

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose whether or not you’ll be investing in a computerized or a mechanical sewing machine. Although you might shy away from computerized machines, they do have their perks, especially when it comes to adjusting settings.

However, if you go mechanical, you’ll definitely benefit from the sturdier build and the cheaper, more affordable cost, which is perfect if you’re going to be sewing through a lot of thick fabrics. You should also consider the type of work you are going to do. There are many types of machine to check, for example, sewing machine for making clothes or upholstery sewing machine.

A few other features you should familiarize yourself with are the presence (or absence) of these features—and how to work them:

  • Cover for the Bobbin
  • Needles and Needle Clamps
  • Pressure Foot and Foot Controller
  • Feed Dogs
  • Tension-Regulating Thumb Nut
  • Bobbin Winder and Disk
  • Thread guides
  • Throat Plate
  • Stitch and Length selector
  • LCD screen with Menu
  • Reverse Button

Maintenance is a key – how to take care of your sewing machine

Best Sewing MachineNow that you’ve decided on a sewing machine and possible already purchased one, it’s time to figure out how to keep it performing its best—by maintaining it properly.

First and foremost, you should definitely keep the machine covered when you’re not using it. Some sewing machines come with a hardcover to keep dust, lint, and other debris off of it.

On top of keeping it covered, make sure you are cleaning it regularly—especially after each and every project you complete. The manual that comes with the machine will most likely show you how to do so properly. This routine cleaning can make all the difference.

You’ll also want to make sure your bobbin is always maintained and properly cared for—as well as being the proper kind.

Oiling your machine properly—and in the proper locations is also important regarding maintenance.

If you’re going to be sewing regularly, you’ll definitely want to also change your needles about every four-six hours that you’re using it. While we’re already on the subject of needles, make sure you are using the right size and type, or else it actually might break your machine.

When in doubt, you can take it to a specialist to get it checked after a few years of use so you’re investing in maintenance properly.

Tips and tricks every sewing enthusiast should know

Especially if you’re a beginner, you might not be familiar with certain tips and tricks that can help you during your sewing hobby (or new profession)!

Here are a few tips that can help you while you sew:

  1. Before you even begin, make sure the fabric you’re using is laid down nice and smooth.
  2. If you’re not doing any decorative stitching, make sure you are using the same thread color in the top and on the bottom spools—it’s a simple mistake to make!
  3. Speaking of threads, make sure they match with type and weight.
  4. Another tip before you begin is to try your design or whatever you’re sewing on a scrap piece of fabric so you know how it will look.
  5. Lastly, get to know your machine. Your sewing machine might come with a lot of different stitching patterns available—it’s best to truly get familiar with them before you begin your projects.

Price tag

Before you buy, make sure the sewing machine is under your budget price. Although you might not have a lot there, you can definitely find a machine for your price range. You can always fing a fine sewing machine under 300, or even a descent beginners’ sewing machine under 100 dollars. The Janome Pink Sorbet, as we mentioned before, is one of our best budget-friendly choices.

Consider the following features to choose the best sewing machine for you

Finally, before you make the final stitch in your plan and purchase a new sewing machine, you’ll want to go through the features and sort out what is best for you, your home, and your sewing projects.

How often will you use it and where? Size and weight

You might be taking it to and from sewing class, well, a lightweight sewing machine like the Brother CS7000X , weighing only 10 lbs can be the perfect transportable machine. If you’re planning on planting it in the corner of your room and leaving it there, our best all-around machine, the Bernette B38, will suit you fine—even though it weighs 20 lbs. You can also consider a mini sewing machine for an everyday clothes repairment.

Motor power and speed

You have probably heard that faster is better—however, with sewing machines, that’s not always the case. Especially if you have intricate jobs or you’re a beginner, you don’t want your sewing project to get out of hand. A unit with speed control is best, so you can have that speed in your hands at all times.

User-friendly – does it fit your level?

Best Sewing MachineDepending on if you are a beginner or an expert seamster or seamstress, you will want to get a machine that fits your level. The Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 and the Janome 2212 are our best choices for beginners and for children—which is well-suited and user-friendly for anyone out there just taking a liking to sewing.

Stitching options

With every model, you will at least get a straight stitch. However, there are some models on the market that offer zigzag stitches, stretch stitches, blind hems, and so many more. The number of stitches will increase the versatility of your skills and up your decorative prowess on your project.

Stitch regulation

If you are just planning on doing some straight stitching, you can ignore this section, however, if you’re going to be venturing out into embroidery or applique, you’ll be needing a wider maximum stitch width and length.

Working space

This doesn’t mean your sewing desk or table—this means the place on the machine directly to the right of the needle. The working space can also be called the “throat”. If this working space is big, it will make it much easier to complete bigger items like quilts. If you are planning on doing these kinds of projects, an extension table, like the one featured with the Brother CS7000X, can be quite useful.


Best Sewing MachineEspecially if you’re looking into getting really creative and intricate with your projects and your designs, you’ll want to get accessories to help accentuate your sewing and bring it to another level. Some accessories include an extension table or maintenance kit to clean and care for your sewing machine. You can consider getting a fabric cutting machine for the easy adjustments. A simple chair for sewing can never hurt and it will truly make the difference for your back.


The warranty on these machines normally ranges from five years to twenty-five years. Knowing the difference between what 10-year limited and 25-year guarantees are definitely helpful before you invest.


To make for a simple explanation, an overlocker can stitch using 3-5 threads, all at once. Overlockers are generally used to join together seams, cut off that excess fabric and cut off the extra frays.

With parental supervision, there are a few sewing machines out there that are compatible for kids and designed for learners, like the Ever Sewn Sparrow 30, which is our best sewing machine for kids. It has an LCD screen for easy use, various stitches for simple projects, an automatic threader makes it simple for children to get the machine ready, and makes it so that selecting stitches and adjusting the width and length is easy for a child.

There are so many popular sewing machines out there. However, some of the most popular brands are listed on our best sewing machine guide. For a very short list, some of the most popular brands are Brother, Singer, Janome, Viking, Bernina, Pfaff, and Juki.

Our Verdict

To help you pick out the best product, we’re going to give it to you straight with a summary of the best three products on the market, from our review.

The Bernette B38 is a classic, making it our Editor’s Choice and top of the list for the sewing machine market. With a credible speed of 820 spm and even 394 stitches to choose from, the 10-year limited warranty on this sewing machine backs up good quality.

The SINGER 9960 is our best runner-up and also the best portable machine there is on the market. If you’re going to be taking this machine to sewing class and back, this one is your best option. It has an even higher speed than the Bernette, with 850 spm and even more stitches—600! It also weighs only 15 lbs, making it highly portable and backed with a 25-year limited warranty.

If you’re on a budget and still looking for the best, the Janome Pink Sorbet is our budget choice. Even though it is low in price, it isn’t low in speed, with 800 spm. It does have a shortage of stitches though, with only 15—but makes up for it in its light, 12 lb weight and 25-year limited warranty.

We hope that this guide has helped you pick out the best sewing machine for your future sewing projects!

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