10 Best Sewing Threads for All Kinds of Hand and Machine Sewing

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Sewing threads give your garments the desired shape, and they hold different parts of your fabrics together through creating seams. They come in the form of polyester, cotton, and silk and purchasing the right one will not only aid you in eliminating weakness but also enable your machine to maintain even thread tension and cut down the adverse effects of stray fibers. However, with several options available, you can find it daunting picking the best sewing thread.

We picked the best ten sewing threads on the market to save you the hassle of searching for the best thread so that you can easily narrow down into the ones suiting the needs of your diverse projects. We factored in the pattern, the number of threads, color, and the age of threads during our research. Thread types should match your patterns, and depending on your choice, you can match or mix the colors of your sewing threads. Your spool of thread around the bottom of your sewing basket should neither feel lumpy nor break easily.

We spent several weeks scanning through the best sewing threads on the market, popular sets, and scrutinizing hundreds of reviews from several customers plus experts. You’ll find a comparison table below highlighting the ten embroidery threads we chose plus a detailed review of each of them. You can also look into our buying guide which summarizes all the nitty-gritty you need to know about buying the best threads on the market. Here are some of the best sewing threads we selected.

Top 10 Best Sewing Threads Review 2021


MILIJIA Polyester ThreadEditor’s Pick

  • Material: polyester
  • Use for: machine / hand sewing
  • Thread length: 550 yards
  • Number of colors: 25

Extra features: convenient and user-friendly, fits Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Singer sewing machines (look for the exceptions!), 25 bobbin buddies included

Our top pick is the MILIJIA Sewing thread, 550 Yards with 25 bright and vibrant colors. It’s made from top-notch durable polyester, and its colors and stitches are long-lasting even if you wear or wash your garment several times. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you’ll find its thread spools user-friendly, convenient, and great for machine sewing and hand sewing.

It works perfectly with sewing machines with automatic winding to sew personalized fashion and transform your home with new decorative curtains/pillows or design your original costumes. Several customers recommended it due to its elegant appearance and top-notch design.

Unlike several sewing threads, the MILIJIA sewing thread perfectly suits decorative stitching and applique, and it’s great for regular sewing since it doesn’t break or fray easily. However, some users mentioned that it leaves lint; hence it’s not the best thread for sewing machines, especially for anyone planning to work on heavy-duty materials. Some found it daunting finding the end of their spools.

What are its best features?

  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Doesn’t fray easily
  • Long-lasting stitches
  • User-friendly thread pools
  • Elegant appearance and top-notch design

What could be improved?

  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty sewing materials

New brothread Embroidery Machine Thread Kit Best for Sewing Garments Repairs

  • Material: polyester
  • Use for: machine
  • Thread length: 550 yards
  • Number of colors: 40

Extra features: suitable for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Bernina embroidery and sewing machines, color chart, easy start finder, super color fastness

Although the sewing machine is very important when constructing a garment, the sewing thread that holds the cloth together is also vital. The type and quality that you use will determine how strong the stitching is and how well the garment will hold. The New brothread Embroidery Machine Thread Kit is an excellent option that we believe will serve you well.

These threads come in up to 40 different colors, which is one of the most colorful on this roundup. It is set on a large spool that can contain up to 550 yards. That is more than what you’ll usually find on the market.

Made from polyester, it is versatile and can be used for different materials and on different machines. Therefore, you can use it on Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Bernina embroidery and sewing machines without any drop in strength or quality.

Although the colors are quite numerous, they correspond to Brother thread numbers. This ensures that you can easily match them.

Several users have reported that they are very easy to use.

Although an overall impressive kit, there are some drawbacks. For example, some of the bobbins do not wound consistently and might get tangled in the machine. Thus you will have to adjust the tension to stop the thread from showing up on the embroidery.

Why did it make our list?

  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of colors
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with different machines

What is not ideal about it?

  • Bobbins wound inconsistently

New Brothread Prewound Bobbin ThreadBudget Pick

  • Material: Polyester
  • Use for: embroidery / sewing machines
  • Thread length: 130 m
  • Number of colors: 25

Extra features: 25pc bobbins packed into one plastic box, 11.4 mm thickness

The plastic sided prewound bobbin threads come with clear plastic sides that neither absorb nor distort machine oils and aid you to sort your bobbins fast. Its size 15 (SA156) fits both home and commercial embroidery and it’s currently one of the best threads for Singer sewing machine and others like Juki, Elna, Kenmore, Quantum Futura, Brother, and Babylock.

It’s also jam-packed with 25 prewound bobbins of assorted colors that meet all essential requirements for DIY sewing and embroidery. Most users opted to purchase it due to its High Tenacity Polyester Filament 70D/2 (60WT) that is efficiently crafted to draw off tension when sewing.

Most users claimed they used it for regular sewing, re-wounded and re-used it by keeping empty bobbins and refilling them with whatever they needed for upcoming projects. Others loved it because it’s not associated with jump stitches, snags and the bobbins are packed tight and tidy since there is a layer of non-slip paper above them to keep them firmly in the box so that they should not untangle or unwind.

Several users also found it super-easy to use and they pulled it off smoothly using blue painters’ tape or running an eraser over the thread bobbins. However, some noted that most of the bobbins were wound inconsistently and tangled in their machines. It compelled them to adjust their bobbin tension to prevent the thread from appearing atop the embroidery.

What are its best features?

  • No snags or jump stitches
  • Bobbins are packed tightly
  • Bobbins are super-easy to use
  • Several vibrant colors
  • Great for home embroidery projects

What could be improved?

  • Bobbins are wound inconsistently

LEONIS Polyester All Purpose Sewing ThreadsBest for Hand Sewing

  • Material: polyester 100%
  • Use for: machine / hand sewing
  • Thread length: 110 yards
  • Number of colors: 30

Extra features: comes with a needle threader, packed in a soft plastic bag

The Leonis thread is 100% polyester; its core is polyethylene, and its threader and case are made of aluminum and a soft vinyl respectively. It has 50-yard threads with smaller spools that suit hand sewing, and they’re enclosed in a hard, polypropylene case. Its 110-yard thread suits both hand and machine sewing, and it’s packed in a soft plastic bag. This thread also comes with a needle threader, and it’s ideal for several types of fabrics including synthetics, wool, and cotton. The diameter of the 50-yard thread is around 0.7 inch that is equivalent to 1.8 cm and one for hole in the middle is approximately 0.98 inch.

Its great assortment of colors coordinates with several fabrics and several users claimed it’s sturdy, doesn’t break or tangle. It’s also excellent for use a household sewing accessory kit since you can pull a few seams with zero issues. The zipper holder it comes with is awesome!

Other customers even mentioned that it has a nice assortment of threads that is perfect for crochet, cross stitching, hand sewing, quilting stitching plus other home sewing projects. Few claimed that the thread is fragile and they encountered challenges placing it back into its carry case.

The threads have some visible flaws and the spools are much smaller than expected (about 1 inch tall). This thread also leaves lint fibers, and some users claimed it regularly breaks in some sewing machines and it’s also not smoothly or tightly wound.

What are its best features?

  • Zero puckering
  • Sturdy thread
  • Great Zipper holder
  • Nice assortment of threads

What could be improved?

  • Small spools
  • Not smoothly/tightly wound
  • Leaves lint fibers

HAITRAL Cotton Sewing Thread SetsBest for Multiple Sewing Projects

  • Material: cotton
  • Use for: machine / hand sewing
  • Thread length: 1000 yards
  • Number of colors: 24

Extra features: fits any sewing machine with automatic winding function

This Haitrawal sewing kit has one needle threader, five needles, and 24 unique spools with a length of 1000 yards. Apart from their great aesthetic, the threads are quite strong since they are crafted from heavy-duty polyester fabric which rarely breaks easily. Its beautiful vibrant colors are great for your multiple sewing projects and adding embroidery details to your quilt, blouses, blankets, clothes, handmade dresses, etc.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the sewing threads can fulfill several home projects on several machines with automatic winding function. The spools are also crafted from plastic, stronger than thread reels designed from paper. Most users confirmed that this thread is super-easy to store on the thread rack though you can purchase an extra one if need be. However, some stated that the thread breaks when going through several fabrics, e.g. when putting a binding on your quilt and it’s also fuzzy and fibrous. Others found it a struggle to get the thread started and confessed that it isn’t mercerized; hence not silky smooth.

Why did it make our list?

  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Strong spools
  • Easy storage
  • Suite multiple sewing projects

What is not ideal about it?

  • Breaks when working on several fabrics
  • Fuzzy thread
  • Not silky smooth

KEIMIX Polyester Sewing ThreadsBest for Top-Stitching

  • Material: polyester
  • Use for: machine / hand sewing
  • Thread length: 1000 yards
  • Number of colors: 24

Extra features: the plastic spools do not out of shape during shipping, suitable for embroidery, and weaving

Designed from top-notch polyester, the Keimix assorted thread rarely break or fray easily. Its plastic spools are sturdy, and its colors and stitches are long-lasting even if you subject your garments to regular wash and wear. It has 24 different bright and vibrant color spools with 1000 yards on every spool to meet several home sewing project’s needs. Each spool also comes with 40 WT that suits machine sewing, hand sewing, weaving, and embroidery.

Users loved how the threads wound up bobbins very nicely. They urged anyone who purchased it to change their tension settings so that the fabrics may not stretch while sewing. Most users claimed that it doesn’t break while sewing hook and loop tapes, and it has so much thread, and even comes with a pack of needles and a wire threader.

Other appreciated its huge spools and sturdy threads. It’s excellent for top-stitching and basting though several customers still claimed they wouldn’t trust it for long-term stitching. Some users were dissatisfied with its fuzzy nature and also stated that it jams several times and it’s also daunting to trace the ends of its spools.

What makes it stand out?

  • Great colour options
  • No fraying
  • Wounds great on bobbins

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Prone to jamming
  • Not ideal for long-term stitching

Simthread Polyester Embroidery ThreadBest Value

  • Material: polyester
  • Used for: machine embroidery
  • Thread length: 550 yards
  • Number of colors: 40

Other features: includes color chart and nylon thread net

Veteran tailors know the value of a good sewing thread. After all, getting good sewing results is impossible without the right thread. Nevertheless, it’s hard to miss the mark with the Simthread Polyester Embroidery Thread. Notably, this is a thread set with about forty colors included.

The forty colors are put in separate cones, and each color thread measures 500 meters. It seems the tensile strength of each thread is made to ensure it doesn’t break.

Also, you might find other aspects of the thread, such as the elasticity and tenacity, to be quite useful. If you’re knowledgeable in matters threads, you’ll know these are the reasons why your threads don’t loop or pucker.

Another sign of a top-tier thread is its ability to maintain the original color. This it will pull off even where harsh cleaning materials are used on it.

Additionally, a color chart is included allowing you to pick and choose the colors you want for your embroidery projects. Finally, each of the forty cones provided comes with information on the threads on its underside.

What makes it stand out?

  • The threads maintain their original color even under adverse conditions
  • You get a color chart as a reference point while using the threads
  • The threads don’t break or fray easily
  • Each thread is quite long

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Most people seem satisfied with this thread collection and thus no cons to mention at this time

Sewing Aid Set of Polyester ThreadsBest for an Overlocker

  • Material: 100% spun polyester
  • Use for: hand sewing / domestic machine
  • Thread length: 250 yards
  • Number of colors: 100

Extra features: comes in a beautiful white drawer box

With its 100% spun polyester 40S/2, the Sewing Aid Set of Polyester Threads is packed with superior durability and strength. The thread exhibist great performance for hand sewing though most users didn’t recommend it for use in industrial sewing machines.

It comes with a vast collection of 92 unique basic and elegant color tones selected keenly in pink, green, yellow, grey, blue, purple, and orange. Its packaging is awesome, and you can use it as a convenient storage box. There’s even 1000 yards, four reels each for key color threads like white and black. Customers loved how the threads come out of the spool evenly, and advocated for its use on an overlocker though they stated that both the upper and lower loopers consume tons of thread.

Some of its spools are not one continuous thread but are spliced together while others are even spliced up more than twice. However, several users were disgusted with how the thread snapped easily on their hands and suggested it’s not great for machine embroidery. They found it to be too thin and continually breaking in some machines.

Why are we impressed?

  • Compatible with an overlocker
  • Great color selection
  • Comes out of spool evenly
  • Great storage box
  • Strong, durable threads

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not great for industrial sewing machines
  • Too thin and breaks in some machines

Clan-X Sewing ThreadBest for Direct Color Matches

  • Material: polyester
  • Use for: hand sewing / small sewing machine
  • Thread length: 250 yards
  • Number of colors: 96

Extra features: comes in a white box, with thread sets in clear packages

The Clan X sewing thread comes with 96pc sewing thread spools that match the requirements of several projects which need several colors. It’s concealed in a white box with threads arranged in clear packages so you can swiftly pull out your preferred set and match colors without handling your spools separately.

Users mentioned that it gives them a direct color match when conventional spools of other kinds of threads aren’t even close. It’s 100% polyester, sturdy, stable and doesn’t fray, tangle up or break easily. It has no knots, and you will experience zero jump needle or break line. Users loved its plastic reel which they claimed don’t deform easily, and their bright hues which the gladly recommended for quilting, clothing repairs, and embroidery works.

Others who purchased it appreciated its excellent abrasion resistance. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced embroiderer, the Clan X spools, 2 1/4 inches tall will get your work done. Compared to regular embroidery skein, it’s thinner; hence it’s one of the best threads for hand sewing projects. But purchase a professional embroidery thread floss if you’re planning to work on a professional embroidery item.

Why is it special?

  • Super-easy spotting thread color matches
  • Clear packages
  • Awesome color collection
  • Exemplary abrasion
  • Strong plastic reel

What are the flaws?

  • Spool isn’t solid

LE PAON Sewing kitBest for Sewing Machines

  • Material: polyester 100%
  • Use for: hand sewing and domestic machine
  • Thread length: 110 yards
  • Number of spools: 30

Extra features: comes with 30 needles in a Box, 1 soft measuring tape, scissors, 1 golden thimble, 1 threader and 7 buttons

The Le Paon sewing kit comes with 24 assorted polyester sewing thread spools for several projects like adding embroidery details to blouses, blankets, handmade dresses and more. It has one bonus soft measuring tape, 30 needles in a box, seven buttons, one gold thimble, and a threader.

Its charming, vibrant colors are great for complementing your creations and other sewing projects. It’s made from 100% spun Polyester 40S/2 that has no knot and doesn’t break or fray easily. It’s a great thread for Janome sewing machine and the likes of Singer and Brother.

Users loved its huge spools are more appealing than regular ones. Depending on your eyesight status, you can find it daunting locating the beginning of your strands. Some users claimed that it rarely holds great while sewing and easily snaps off. Most users complained about the middle spools made of cardboard claiming that they could crush easily.

Regarding strength, some buyers confessed that the thread isn’t strong enough and they didn’t recommend it for regular sewing insisting that it was prone to fraying sometimes.

What are its best features?

  • Awesome bonus kits
  • Charming, vibrant colors
  • Zero knots
  • Huge spools

What could be improved?

  • Cardboard spools

Things to Consider

Choosing the right thread for all your projects can be overwhelming. From different types of thread available, color, fiber, to correct weight/thickness, etc. All-purpose polyester may be great for major sewing projects, but times come when you need to experiment with other types of threads like cotton to produce your desired outcomes on your fabrics. Different threads match the needs of different fabrics, and it’s often confusing to narrow down into the right ones. This is why we’ve created this handy guide to serve as your last thread reference throughout your sewing life.

Advantages of a high-quality sewing thread

The quality of the sewing thread has an impact on the outlook of your sewing projects. You’ll comprehend the difference when you start experiencing dye bleed, fraying, faded colors, or even broken threads. The extra expense you incur on top-notch threads for sewing saves you spending time frequently fixing issues you could have solved in the first instance.

The best quality sewing threads are durable, resistant to shrinking and stretching when washed, and they’re great for sewing items you plan to use outdoors. When exposed to chemical cleaners, they’re resistant to bleed, bleach or fading and offer superior sewability with fewer thread breaks.

Features to consider when choosing threads for sewing

10 Best Sewing Threads for All Kinds of Hand and Machine SewingYou need an awesome thread to create clothing that fits like a glove. Some of the factors that you have to consider include the kind of sewing, types of fabrics, variety of spools and colors, durability factors, thread materials, the best sewing thread brand, etc.

What kind of sewing will you be doing?

The kind of sewing you will be doing determines the thread you will use. Some sewing types are very straightforward, like simple sewing, while others are complex in terms of thread requirement since they need practical as well as decorative sewing techniques. For instance, MILIJIA polyester thread perfectly suits decorative stitching and applique.

The general types of sewing include: sewing up patterns like dresses, darning to fix holes, tears, rips, and rips in fabric items or garments, and embroidery featuring sewing techniques likes to cross-stitch, stumpwork, crewelwork, etc.

What fabrics will you be using?

A thread like Leonis suits cotton, wool and silk fabrics while Clan X sewing thread will give you a direct color match even when other threads aren’t close. Several all print fabrics also have one predominant color which you should match when sewing, especially their background color. Even the white color dominates in the backside of your fabric, and your stitching will be inside it so you should ensure your thread matches the right side of the fabric if it was to display the outside sections of the garment.

When the exact color match isn’t present, select the closest match with a slightly darker or lighter color though darker colors blend into seams much better than lighter ones.
Depending on your preferences, you can also make your topstitching pop by using contrasting colors or one color.

Number of spools and colors

It’s vital to know the number of spools plus the colors you will incorporate in different sewing projects. Most reels are either stacked or cross-wound. Stacked spools are great on vertical spool pins to feed off your thread evenly of the spool, and your thread will come out in a way unique to it. Threads like Simthread Polyester Embroidery Thread have awesome spools with color numbers printed on them to save time when you want to start sewing.

Cross wounds spools, on the other hand, work best on horizontals to allow your thread to come out of the spool evenly. Some sets even come with spools of the same color while others lack duplicates and need to be replaced depending on how often you use them.

10 Best Sewing Threads for All Kinds of Hand and Machine SewingDurability Factors

Durability is one of the key properties you should target in your sewing threads. The factors contributing to it include strength, abrasion resistance, high elasticity, shrink resistance, minimum diameter.

The key measure of strength is the loop of strength exhibited when the lengths of the sewing threads are looped through another, and your loops are stressed.

Abrasion resistance enables your thread to resist wear during its lifetime, and it can happen through surface abrasion due to rubbing or wear or thread abrasion in the stitch.

High elasticity is a great determinant to the degree of strength or stress you can subject your needle without rupture. Thread with high elasticity inhibit both your stitch and fabric from rupturing, and it also aids you to maintain your seam appearance.

Temperature differences should not cause your sewing thread to shrink, and it should remain stable even after you wash and dry your clothes.

Regarding minimum diameter, the thickness of your sewing thread should match the thickness of the material you’re stitching so that your thread buries itself in your fabric.
This minimizes damages resulting from surface abrasion during use.

Thread Material

Sewing thread comes in a wide range of materials. Even though threads with great strength are awesome, you should sew your garments with threads of less strength than your fabric so that its seams break evenly before your garments if it’s subjected to intense stress.

Conducting clothing repairs with lightweight threads also results in rapid failure so ensure your thread isn’t stronger than the material you’re sewing to evade rips. The New brothread Embroidery Machine Thread Kit is great for sewing garment repairs. There are several types of thread-like cotton and polyester, and they all come with unique benefits.

There are also several degrees of cotton quality like superior cotton thread offering great strength, and natural fibers and medium sheen that aids to grab your fabrics and create tight seams. The best thread for sewing jeans is cotton-covered polyester which is extra durable and thick. Other materials like spun polyester made from intertwining small polyester stable fibers are often less expensive than other types of polyester.

10 Best Sewing Threads for All Kinds of Hand and Machine Sewing


The strongest threads are made from upholstery nylon with a special resin coating that adds strength to it. It’s stronger due to the chemistry existing in nylons. On a molecular basis, the bonds between them are super strong, and its molecules are huge and tightly knit together, resulting in very high tensile strength. So far, Nylon is the best thread for sewing leather due to its durability and strength.

However, polyester is another strong synthetic thread in use today, and it’s known for its low stretch and shrinkage, and durability. Compared to nylon and cotton threads, it has outstanding resistance to moisture and UV rays though it’s prone to lose its strength after prolonged exposure to sunshine. UV treated polyester threads are great for home sewing projects, drapery, and crafts.

The thread will not tear your fabric unless it wins the fiber contest. Strong polyester threads will only tear your fabric under extreme use and so will your strong cotton threads. This doesn’t mean that the polyester thread is stronger than cotton. Get a thread based on the feel, appearance and quality and neglect wiry glazed threads though they’re rarely labeled as such.

Whether you’re planning on creating a daily-use quilt or showpiece, it’s okay to use top-notch polyester or non-glazed cotton threads. Polyester threads are prone to last even longer than cotton threads.

It’s not recommended to use a cotton thread on polyester. Cotton threads often have a little stretch, and they’re awesome for delicate projects, especially for sheers or cotton fabrics. The rule is, use 1000 cotton thread and match the thread weight to the fabric if sewing with 100% cotton thread. On several occasions, your sewing pattern will direct you on the thread to use, and the most important factor in purchasing a quality thread.

Our Verdict

Choosing a high-quality, durable thread is key to the success of your sewing projects. Your project can fall apart if your fabrics are too small or your fabric might split or tear apart if the thread is too coarse or wide.

We discovered that the MILIJIA Polyester Thread is the best pick if you’re planning to design an original costume or sew personalized fashions for your clients. Its spools are user-friendly, and they’re great for both beginners and professionals planning to sew on machines.

The New brothread Embroidery Machine Thread Kit with a nice assortment of threads also made it to our top picks due to its superior strength that eliminates puckering. Its threads are sturdy and correspond to Brother thread numbers.

Finally, if you’re seeking a thread with high tenacity to draw off tension while sewing then the New brothread Prewound Bobbin Thread is a great fit and depending on your choice, you can use it on your Kenmore, Elna, Babylock and Futura machines.

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