10 Best Thimbles – Push the Needles Quickly and Easily!

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Purchasing thimbles you like seems like one of the easiest things you can do. However, getting the best thimbles is not as straightforward or easy as you might think. The chance that you could get a thimble of substandard quality is as well very real.

That said, thimble selection can be significantly simplified. The product just needs to fit your fingers, be the right style for catering to your use needs, and feature a reliable, durable material. Some extra thimble package features may add worth to the purchase. Nevertheless, the three features seem to be the baseline qualifications for the best thimbles in the market. Ten excellent thimble options are also listed below. It might do you some good to learn more about them.

Top 10 Thimbles Review 2021


Clover Medium Natural Fit Leather ThimbleEditor’s Choice

  • Size: medium- 16 mm (5/8″)
  • Material: cowhide

Other features: sewn 3-dimensionally to fit the shape of the finger

The Clover Medium Natural Fit Leather Thimble is a comfortable fit for most people looking to own it. It is one of a few leather options that make it onto the list. However, the type of leather used may vary.

In the case of this thimble, cowhide leather is the main component with two layers of the same in the product. This translates to more safety for the users since needles can’t get through the thick hide to pierce your skin.

The thimble parts that come into contact with the needle are also seamless and feature no stitches. This is an extra reason why the needles can’t get through.

Additionally, the manufacturer has sewn the product and its leather components in a 3-dimension design. This makes it compatible with the shape of your finger.

Why are we impressed? We liked that dual leather layers make the thimble impenetrable. The shaping of the thimble would also make it ideal for standard finger shapes.

What negatives must you be aware of? Fingers come in different sizes, which are not catered for in this thimble.


Zhaoyao 4-Piece Sewing ThimblePremium Pick

  • Size: 2.5 x 1.8 cm, 1.4 x 1.7 cm, 2.5 x 1.6 cm, 2.7 x 1.8 cm
  • Material: fine metal alloy brass

Other features: adjustable design

More funds to spend on a quilting or sewing thimble can get you the Zhaoyao 4-Piece pick. The four thimbles in the set are of different sizes and designs. The versatility of the four-piece set is thus commendable.

Also, three of four thimbles in the set are adjustable. This would mean compatibility with different user’s fingers. If you’re sharing the set, this may be handy.

The thimbles in this purchase seem to feature fine metal alloy brass construction. This may prove more durable than even the leather in the editor’s choice thimble.

What are its best features? The construction of these four thimbles deserves praise. Also, since the material is impenetrable to needles, your fingers stay safe. The open-sided thimbles in the set allow for adjustments, leading to compatibility with more users.

What could be improved? One thimble in the set is not adjustable and may not fit everybody’s needs.


ZNAAGG 8-Piece Sewing Thimble Best Variety Thimble Set

  • Size: adjustable
  • Material: copper, artificial leather

Other features: set includes 30 pcs sewing needles

There’s so much included in the ZNAAGG 8-Piece Sewing Thimble that it becomes a more attractive purchase. First are the eight thimbles. Notably, this is the highest number of thimbles in a set featured on this list. There is also the 3-piece sewing needles set.

Of the eight thimbles, six feature copper construction. Nevertheless, they are dimpled, and some of them are adjustable as well.

The two left are mainly made of artificial leather. Furthermore, a dimpled metal coin disc is added to the construction. This is the component used to push needles into fabrics.

Why are we impressed? A total of eight thimbles is in the pack. Additionally, thirty needles are added just in case you needed some. The eight thimbles feature different designs, sizes, and construction components. This allows for additional comfort levels during use. Nonetheless, you’ll likely find at least a few thimbles that fit your fingers.

What negatives must you be aware of? Faux leather used may not last as long as the genuine article.


Willbond 6-Piece Sewing ThimbleBest Antique Sewing Thimble

  • Size: 0.96” x 0.55”, 1.06” x 0.59”, 0.94” x 0.67”, 0.74”
  • Material: copper

Other features: adjustable, open-sided, rustproof

If a four-piece set isn’t enough, why not try a six-piece option. The Willbond 6-Piece Sewing Thimble set may be perfect. Copper is the main component in all six thimbles in the set.

Some components in the set feature an open design while others come in a closed one. If you’re lucky and all these thimbles fit your fingers, you will have quite the versatile set at your disposal.

The copper finishing is rustproof, and this further adds to the longevity of the thimbles. Of the open-sided options, the copper thimbles also happen to be adjustable. As such, even if the two closed thimbles in this set don’t fit your fingers, there is hope in the other four inclusions.

Denting patterns also ensure that a needle will not slip once it comes into contact with the thimble.

What makes it stand out? The thimbles keep needles from slipping thanks to the dented exteriors. There are varying sizes in the thimble pack, as well as varying designs. Six thimbles in a set give you the freedom to choose which one to work with. Copper construction should last you a long time as well.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Users with smaller fingers mention the thimbles don’t fit them.


Willbond 6-piece Leather Coin Thimble PadBest Leather Thimble Set

  • Size: S, M, L
  • Material: faux leather with dimpled metal coin disc

Other features: anti-wear coated cover with durable inner, sweat-absorbent, breathable

Next, the Willbond 6-piece Leather Coin Thimble Pad makes it onto the list with faux leather construction. This is a similarity held with some components of the ZNAAGG 8-Piece Sewing Thimble.

Notably, lower levels of durability are experienced in faux leather over genuine leather options. That said, these thimbles for hand sewing are sweat absorbent and breathable. This might make up for the durability flaw.

Also, you won’t be pushing the needles with the faux leather part of the thimble. Instead, the dimpled metal coin disc incorporated is what you’ll turn to for that. The leather is coated with an anti-wear cover, which helps a bit as well.

On matters thimble sizes, there are three included in the pack: large, medium, and small.

What makes it stand out? There are three thimble sizes in the pack. Further, the thimbles are more comfortable thanks to being breathable and sweat absorbent. The dimpled metal coin makes it so you don’t use the less durable leather parts to push your needles.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The lack of durability in the faux leather is the only thing we didn’t like.


Huihui 4-Piece Sewing ThimbleBest Open-Ended Thimbles

  • Size: 2x 0.90″ x 0.59″, 2x 0.98″ x 0.67″
  • Material: copper

Other features: adjustable design, open top

One thimble set in direct competition with the Zhaoyao 4-Piece Sewing Thimble is the Huihui 4-Piece Sewing Thimble. The “4-piece connotation in both product’s names says it all about the similarities in the two sets.

Sizes, however, are one difference. In the Huihui pick, the four thimbles come in small and medium-sized options. The adjustable design and open-top may still come in handy in allowing compatibility between different finger sizes and the thimbles.

Further, this pick features copper construction. The material is not very susceptible to rust and is seemingly durable. Another notable element is the texturing, where the manufacturer adds dents to the surface of the thimbles. These prevent needles from slipping while you push them through the fabric.

What are our favorite features? We liked the rust-resistant copper construction. The copper is also not easy to damage. Further, the small dents in these thimbles’ designs serve to hold needles in place while you push them through fabrics. Another likable element is the adjustable design and open tops in this purchase. This, in conjunction with the two varied sizes, means more people can use the product.

What could be better? The thimbles are relatively sharp on the inside. If you’re not careful, you might knick yourself.


TXIN 2-Pack Silicone Sewing ThimblesBest Silicone Thimbles

  • Size: 1.06” x 0.71”, 0.91” x 0.47”
  • Material: silicone

Other features: non-slip gripping surface

As for the TXIN 2-Pack Silicone Sewing Thimbles, its uniqueness comes from the material construction. In this case, it’s silicone. Further, the two thimbles provided are of different sizes.

Once fitted on your fingers, these thimbles feature a firm grip that will be necessary as you tackle your sewing, embroidery, and hand quilting work.

Texturing on the surface that comes into contact with the needles as well is a major positive. It plays a significant role in preventing slippage in the needles. Also, with the product in your hands, you can push needles into thick fabrics without any fear of injuring yourself.

What stands out? Silicone construction may be more comfortable than metal options. The texturing keeps needles from slipping. Also, the two thimbles are of different sizes.

What cons did we manage to find? Since these thimbles are not adjustable, they won’t fit all potential users’ fingers.


CLOVER Protect & Grip Thimble Best Value

  • Size: medium
  • Material: rubber, metal

Other features: ridged and dimpled metal cap, breathable

The medium-sized CLOVER Protect & Grip Thimble is another option worth a listing among the top choices. Its main body consists of rubber and a ridged and dimpled metal cap.

As for the rubber, it provides breathability for your finger, while the metal cap will cater to the primary purposes of a thimble.

What are its best features? Breathable rubber construction; hence the product is comfortable to wear. The thimble is more affordable than competing options.

What could be improved? The singular thimble only comes in one size.


Colonial Needle Co Leather Thimble PadBest Reusable Sticky Thimbles

  • Size: medium
  • Material: leather

Other features: reusable adhesive, lightweight construction

The Colonial Needle Co Leather Thimble Pad provides an alternative to the traditional thimble design. With this option, worrying about whether the thimbles will fit your fingers is a thing of the past. That being said, the size is medium for all thimbles included.

The items feature leather construction, just like the editor’s choice. However, a reusable adhesive is added so the product can stick to your fingers. Note that reusable adhesive is essential since you don’t need to throw away thimbles after singular use.

Thanks to the design and construction materials, the thimbles are some of the most lightweight you’ll come across.

What makes it special? The thimbles are lightweight and will thus make sewing, stitching, or embroidering with them enjoyable. Thanks to how these thimbles attach to your fingers, the size doesn’t matter as much when fitting them onto your fingers. The adhesive in the thimbles also makes reusing them possible.

What cons did we find? While the adhesive is reusable, sooner or later, it is bound to lose its effectiveness. Also, the thimbles are relatively small; hence positioning them the right way is more challenging.


Jillily Studio Poke-A-Dots Sticky ThimblesBest Rubber Thimbles

  • Size: n/a
  • Material: non-slip polyurethane

Other features: 24 pieces per tin, grippy

As for the Jillily Studio Poke-A-Dots Sticky Thimbles, they function in a similar way to the Colonial Needle Co Leather Thimble Pad. The thimbles are relatively small and feature adhesive material to help stick them on your fingers.

The pack comes in a tin that houses 24 thimbles. These thimbles are made of non-slip polyurethane. Consequently, if you’re having trouble pulling the needles with sweaty fingers, these thimbles can make it easier. This is in addition to their normal function of pushing the needles through in the first place.

Why did it make our list? There are 24 thimbles in the pack. This means you have a while to use them before you need a replacement pack. Their grippy nature makes them ideal for pushing and pulling needles.

What is not ideal about it? Each thimble is meant for single use.

Things to Consider

If you seriously enjoy a sewing session and want to keep going at it for long periods getting a quality thimble should be a priority. After all, with a thimble, the chance of injury to your fingers is eliminated. Getting high-quality thimbles is, however, a science with strict processes to follow. More information on these processes is given below.

Why use a thimble?

Although you will be pushing on the back end of a needle, you can still prick yourself thanks to the small surface area. Even if you don’t prick yourself, it can be painful to keep pushing. A thimble provides the needed surface and texture, allowing you to push these needles through fabrics quickly and easily.

How to choose the best sewing thimble

10 Best Thimbles - Push the Needles Quickly and Easily!

As mentioned previously, strict processes need to be adhered to if you hope to find thimbles that fit and work for you well. These processes involve accounting for the features below.

Size and fit

Even if you were to look at the fingers of the person closest to you at this moment and compare them to your own, you’d find a world of difference. However, that is based on the premise that you’re not twins. Differences arise in length and the circumference of the fingers.

Consequently, it should be apparent that the same thimbles will not cater to both of your needs. Remember that some of the thimbles, even those listed above, have closed tops with no room for adjustments. An example is the TXIN 2-Pack Silicone Sewing Thimbles.

Buying such thimbles without knowing whether they fit you is a recipe for disappointment. After all, you won’t be able to use the product. To provide some clarity, fitting thimbles are snug enough not to fall off but loose enough that they are still comfortable.

Conversely, examples like the Huihui 4-Piece Sewing Thimble set are more forgiving. They come in adjustable designs and will thus cater to varying finger sizes. These can be a better pick if you can’t accurately determine the size of your fingers and how they would fit in specific thimble options.

Material and style

Traditionally, most thimbles were made out of metal. The material is durable, and if it is protected against rust, it can last you a long time. This is still available in today’s thimbles with an example such as the Willbond 6-Piece Sewing Thimble. However, not everybody likes this style of thimbles. Some might even consider them too stiff and uncomfortable.

There are alternatives, as well. Leather thimbles like the Clover Medium Natural Fit Leather Thimble are one example. Some feature full leather construction while others come with some metal discs installed in them. The metal part is usually the component tasked with pushing the needles, and it is optimally placed to do the job.

Plastic and silicone thimbles have also cropped up in the recent past. They sit between metal and leather thimbles in terms of rigidity. If neither the metal nor the leather thimbles appeal to you, plastic options are worth trying.

Lastly, there are adhesive thimbles. The Jillily Studio Poke-A-Dots Sticky Thimbles can be touted as a prime example. These are not worn but instead are stuck onto the finger using an adhesive surface. A big downside is that they can often only be used once before they are discarded. This is because the adhesiveness tends to wane after the first use.


If you’re already a sewing guru even without a thimble, then incorporating the device will be a walk in the park. You start by wearing the thimble on your middle finger.

How you hold the needle will be no different than usual. You use your thumb and index finger, and with the sharp end, you’ll puncture the fabric you intend to sow. On the eye-end of the needle, the thimble will provide stability thanks to the texture. Lastly, you can use the middle finger covered by the thimble to push the needle the rest of the way through the fabric.

The most surefire way to get sizing right is to take measurements. If the thimble is a regular height option, you only need to measure from the tip to the base of the nail to know if it fits.

Longer thimbles may require you to measure between your first knuckle and the base of your nail. You’ll find that most thimbles will have measurements in terms of millimeters listed and you can thus countercheck that against your finger measurements.

Open, adjustable thimbles may cater to different finger sizes better if you can’t find listed measurements.

Our Verdict

One of our favorites is the Clover Medium Natural Fit Leather Thimble. The leather makes it more comfortable to use. Also, there are aspects of the design meant to handle the sharpness of the eye-end of the needle. One example is the dual layers of cowhide used to eliminate the need for a metal disc’s inclusion.

The Zhaoyao 4-Piece Sewing Thimble also ranks quite highly. The varying designs in the four-pack can be used by almost everyone. Also, let’s not forget the rust-resistant and durable metal used to fashion these thimbles.

A third favorite pick presents itself in the ZNAAGG 8-Piece Sewing Thimble. With this, you get a variety of thimbles, construction materials, and to top it off you’re even given needles. This makes it such a good deal hence its ranking on the list.

What are some good thimbles you’ve used? Are they listed above? Comment and tell us about them.

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