12 Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Adding the best Tunisian crochet hooks to your knitting and crocheting toolbox is no easy feat. There are so many substandard versions of these hooks that sometimes they even overshadow excellent market options. As such, quality Tunisian crochet hooks are almost invisible to an untrained eye.

The trained eye knows that hook features determine the quality of the purchase. Some of the Tunisian crochet hook features to pay attention to include sizes, length, and material. Others include whether the hooks are corded as well as if they are interchangeable or not. Except for the hooks’ material, all other features are critical determinants of the types of projects you can tackle with your hook set. Consequently, you can’t go into the market without an idea of what you want to do with your hooks. Below are some excellent hook options. Once you have your crocheting needs figured out, you will pick out the best Tunisian crochet hooks from among them with relative ease.

Top 12 Tunisian Crichet Hooks Review 2021


Knitter's Pride KP900586 Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook SetEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 3.5 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 24”, 32”, 40” (cord)
  • Material: bamboo

Other features: four cords, 8 end caps, 4 cord keys, cord connectors, green storage case, manufactured in India

The first hooks option on our list is the Knitter’s Pride KP900586 Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set. This purchase comprises of eight hooks that range from 3.5-8mm in size.

The Tunisian crochet hooks are made of 100% bamboo. They are lightweight and should allow users to crochet for hours on end without any notable fatigue.

Also, as the name suggests, these are interchangeable crochet hooks. As such, cords and end caps that are compatible with the full lineup of hooks are provided.

There are four cords in total, which also vary in size and color. Other accessories include cord connectors, cord keys, and a storage case.

What do we love it for? The different-sized hooks being lightweight means users can crochet for long periods without any discomfort. Also, their smoothness allows for easy crocheting. Additionally, you can use each hook for various purposes, thanks to the cords, connectors, and end caps provided. The case helps keep all the accessories and hooks organized.
What could be better:
While the case is a nice touch, it is not very durable, as has been noted by some buyers. Also, the writings that indicate the sizes of the hooks wear off easily.


CLOVER Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook SetPremium Pick

  • Size: 3.5 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 16″, 24″, 29″, 36″, 48″ (cords)
  • Material: bamboo

Other features: 9 sizes, warm natural touch, travel case included

The next option is a bamboo interchangeable crochet hook set as well. The construction is thus similar to the editor’s choice. Also, there are nine hooks in this package. All of them range in size from the smallest, which is 3.5mm to the most extensive, 8mm.

Since bamboo is used in making these tools, they won’t be cold to touch. Their weight is also not something you will struggle with. Also, since these are interchangeable hooks, they have to come with a set of cords.

The cords provided are 16”, 24”, 29”, 36”, and 48”. With these, you can experiment even with wide afghan crochet projects as much as you want to.

Since a travel case is included, taking these hooks with you on vacation is also easy.

What makes it stand out? We liked that nine hooks of various sizes are included and that they are interchangeable with the inclusion of cords. The cord sizes also make this set versatile for both wide and narrow afghan crocheting projects. Buyers should also appreciate the lightweight hooks and travel case.  
What could be better:
This set’s high price discourages some potential buyers from owning the hooks. Also, some users find the hook is not deep enough for their needs.


Knit Picks Wood Interchangeable Crochet Hook SetBest Wood Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 3.5 mm – 6.5 mm
  • Length: 24” (2x), 32” (2x)
  • Material: laminated birch

Other features: includes 8 black end caps and 2 metal tightening keys, memory-free cords

Buyers might appreciate the Knit Picks Wood Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set’s beauty owing to the colors. As for the range of sizes, it is more limited when compared to the premium pick and editor’s choice. However, even in this limited range of between 3.5 and 6.5mm, you still get eight hooks.

To match the number of hooks, there are eight black end caps as well. The laminated birchwood hooks may not be as durable as metal options. However, the fact that they’re lightweight plays to their advantage.

Four cords can also be found in the package. Of course, these add to the hook set’s capabilities. The manufacturer insists that you use the metal tightening keys when connecting the cords to the hooks.

Why did it make our list? The colors can add a fun aspect to your crocheting. The accessories are impressive and add to the possibilities of owning this hook set. Wooden hook construction should also be warmer to touch.
What could be better:
A broader range of sizes could make the set even more versatile.


Teamoy Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks SetBest Accessories

  • Size: 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 10.5″
  • Material: aluminum

Other features: 11 crochet hooks, 20 stitch markers,1 row counter, 9 plastic needles, 2 stitch holders, 1 scissors, 1 measuring tape, 1 gauge measure ruler

Multiple accessories are a crucial selling point for the Teamoy Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks Set. In addition to the 11 crochet hooks buyers get, a row counter, plastic needles, stitch holders, measure ruler, measuring tape, and scissors.

Organizing all these accessories won’t be a problem as well, thanks to the semi-flexible cover. The 11 hooks are uniquely colored and the size is printed on the sides.

Also, the hooks’ exterior is smooth, while the throat is deep enough for easy crocheting.

Why did it make our list? It’s easy to tell apart the different hook sizes thanks to the coloring and the mm measurements. The case might also help with the storage of all included accessories. The hooks’ throat is also well designed, making the crocheting process a walk in the park.
What could be better:
These hooks seem to have excellent reviews. However, being interchangeable would make them even better.


Looen Aluminum Tunisian Crochet HooksBest Cordless Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 10.5”
  • Material: aluminum

Other features: 11 sizes, storage bag with 10 elastic compartments

Giving the Teamoy Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks Set a run for its money is the Looen Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks. The Looen set’s accessories include stitch holders, scissors, measuring tape, measuring ruler, stitch markers, and plastic yarn needles.

With the 10 adjustable compartments in the carry case provided, all these tools’ storage and organization should be a walk in the park. Notably, this is another set of aluminum Tunisian crochet hooks.

Why is it special? Accessories cut down the number of things users need to buy for their knitting and crocheting kit. The provided accessories can also all fit in the storage case. 
What could be better:
Some accessories are made of plastic and are not very durable. There are also reports of some needles not fitting in the storage bag.


Willbond 23 Pieces Tunisian Crochet Hook SetBest Luxury Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 3.5 mm – 12 mm
  • Length: 10.6” (27 cm), 3.94 ft (cords)
  • Material: high-quality plastic, aluminum

Other features: 23 pieces, multi-color, non-slip

Another hook set that may be worth a few of your dollars is the Willbond 23 Pieces Tunisian Crochet Hook Set. The 11 assorted color hooks are perfectly matched up with the 12 plastic cables that will expand the set’s capabilities. As such, the total number of items in the set is 23 hence the name.

Notably, the length of the hooks is uniform. The cables are also the same length. These aluminum hooks are also bright colored and feature non-slip grips. The cords are brightly-colored with high-quality plastic construction.

What do we love it for? Having 11 hooks in total means a wide variety of hook sizes is available to the buyer. The coloring of both hooks and the plastic cables can help with sorting them out. The hooks are made of durable aluminum and still manage to feature a non-slip grip.
What could be better:
Plastic cables will likely not last very long. Some of the hooks are not very deep, and catching the yarn properly can sometimes be problematic.


KnitPal 32-inch Tunisian Crochet Extended HooksBest Bamboo Afghan Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 3 – 12 mm
  • Length: 16”, 24”, 32” (cords)
  • Material: bamboo

Other features: 13 sizes, luxury red velvet carry case

These Tunisian crochet hooks with cords are also worthy of praise. The manufacturer makes sure the bamboo used to make these hooks is polished smooth, so it doesn’t snag on the yarn.

Also, the tails on these 13 hooks are of varying lengths. The options include 16”, 24” and 32” cords. As explained in some of the bamboo hook options mentioned above, these tools are lightweight. This makes them easy on the hands and ideal for people with arthritis.

Further, these hooks can be packed up in a luxury velvet carry case.

Why did it make our list? The hooks in this set are lightweight and can be used for longer without users getting tired. A red velvet carry case is provided to store the hooks and cords. The thirteen different hook sizes make the set versatile.
What could be better:
Bamboo construction is not as durable as aluminum.


Valar Dohaeris Crochet HooksBest Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 10.6” (27 cm)
  • Material: aluminum alloy

Other features: includes hooks and knitting needles of 11 different sizes, assorted colors

For Game of Thrones fans, the naming of this hook set makes it a more attractive purchase and attracts a bit of sentimentality. However, there are some perks for other crocheters as well. Durability is one owing to aluminum construction. The hooks might be cold to touch, but they won’t bend or break easily.

The hooks also come in assorted shades, and after some time using them, you may come to tell the sizes of the crocheting tools apart by their colors. Finally, all hooks are 27cm in length.

Since this set doesn’t come with cords or connectors, it is safe to say it isn’t an interchangeable set.

Why did it make our list? The coloring of the hooks is ideal for fun crocheting. It also helps tell the different sizes apart. Aluminum construction also means these hooks are hard to damage. We liked that users have a relatively large variety of hooks to use.
What could be better:
These hooks are not ideal for wide Tunisian crochet projects since they don’t support the attachment of cords.


Buytra 11 Pieces Tunisian Afghan Crochet HooksMost Durable Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 10.6” (27 cm)
  • Material: aluminum

Other features: multi-color

Seemingly the Buytra 11 Pieces Tunisian Afghan Crochet Hooks is another impressive set of hooks. Nonetheless, comparing it to the Valar Dohaeris Crochet Hooks reveals that only minor differences can be found.

The two sets both have sizes ranging from 2-8mm. Within this range are 11 multi-colored hooks that serve various roles. Additionally, the construction material similarity is not lost on us.

Finally, the length is 27cm as well. If your last two options are only the Buytra 11 Pieces Tunisian Afghan Crochet Hooks and the Valar Dohaeris Crochet Hooks, you might have to rely on pricing as the splitting factor.

What makes it special? The different colored hooks are easier to tell apart. We loved the aluminum construction where durability is concerned. Also, the number of hooks in this set is impressive.
What could be better:
You may be limited with how you can use this set since the hooks are non-interchangeable.


Love2Crochet Interchangeable Crochet Hook SetBest Case

  • Size: 3.75-6mm / 6.5-15mm
  • Length: 3″, 5″, 9″, 14″ (cords)
  • Material: high quality plastic resin

Other features: 6 sizes, flexible cords with the unique locking mechanism, includes vinyl case

If you want shorter cords with your purchase, you can choose the Love2Crochet Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set. There are two size ranges available for this set, and hence you will have to pick whether you want the smaller or larger set.

The smaller set has hooks that range from 3.75-6mm in size. As for the larger set, the sizes start at 6.5mm and extend to 15mm hooks. All hooks in this Tunisian crochet set are made of plastic.

While these cords are smaller than what you would find in typical afghan interchangeable hook sets, an extender is provided. This allows for cable to cord connections that would make them longer.

A vinyl case is as well provided with dividers for hook storage.

What stands out? The vinyl case makes storing your plastic hooks a walk in the park. You have two size ranges to choose from, ensuring you have a set for your needs. Also, the extender that allows for two cords to be joined together is a huge plus.
What could be better:
While the extenders can be a big help, they come off relatively easily and cannot be relied upon by the users.


Zuoyou 11 Pack Crochet HooksBest Value

  • Size: 2 mm – 8 mm
  • Length: 10.6”
  • Material: aluminum

Other features: 11 sizes, assorted color

The Zuoyou 11 Pack Crochet Hooks is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have much money to spend on Tunisian crochet hooks. This is not to say the hooks are substandard.

The aluminum in the hooks is smooth and easy to hold. Buyers will also make light work of any afghan crocheting projects that come their way.

Bright colors as well have been used to coat the hooks. With enough practice and daily use of the hooks, you will be able to tell the size just by glancing at them.

What are our favorite features? Colors make it easier to tell the different sizes apart. Also, these hooks are both durable and smooth. The aluminum body of the hooks would also be hard to break. Affordability is another excellent perk.
What could be better:
The sizing indications are not permanent.


Monrocco 12 Sizes Tunisian Crochet Hooks SetBest Budget Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • Size: 3 – 10 mm
  • Length: 4.76″
  • Material: carbonized bamboo

Other features: 12 sizes, adjoined plastic cable

For those who want shorter hooks, an excellent bet is the Monrocco 12 Sizes Tunisian Crochet Hooks Set. As the name suggests, there are 12 sizes; hence there are 12 hooks in the set.

These hooks are made from carbonized bamboo. You can still expect them to be lightweight and comfortable to use, even if you crochet for hours on end. Also, while it is true that the hooks are short, the adjoined plastic cables play a significant role in elongating their reach.

Why are we impressed? This hook set is affordable and uses lightweight bamboo components. Also, the adjoined plastic cables deserve mention for allowing this hook set to be more flexible.
What could be better:
The hooks sometimes snag on the yarn since they haven’t been smoothed out properly.

Things to Consider

Instead of trial and error as a method of choosing the Tunisian crochet hooks to purchase, you can take advantage of the buying guide below to streamline your approach.

What is a Tunisian crochet hook?

12 Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks - Reviews and Buying Guide

A Tunisian or afghan crochet hook is a crocheting hook with a stopper on one end. This allows crocheting to look a bit like knitting in that loops created remain on the hook. These loops are afterward held in place by the stopper. This is one reason why Tunisian crocheting is sometimes referred to as a mix of knitting and crocheting. In some cases, the stopper will be removed from the hook’s end and replaced with a cord. However, a stopper will as well be availed at the end of the cord.

Benefits of Tunisian crochet hooks

Afghan crochet hooks can hold multiple stitches. The number of stitches can further be enhanced by adding a cord. If you’re not new to the trade, you will know that only one stitch is allowed in other types of crocheting.

Features to consider when choosing the best Tunisian crochet hook

Gauging the capabilities of Tunisian crochet hooks is an easy matter if you understand the features. If you don’t, learning about them shouldn’t take too much time. After all, they are listed and explained in great detail below.


The sizes of the hooks determine the yarn that they can be used on. There is a standard crochet hook size conversion chart that most people use to match up yarns with appropriate hooks. However, things work differently for afghan crochet hooks. You need to pick an afghan hook that is either one or two sizes higher than the crochet hook you would typically use.This will give you the best Tunisian crocheting results.

If you already purchased the yarn, you will need hooks that can handle it. Of course, a larger number of different-sized hooks is perfect since you have more crocheting options to pick from. The Willbond 23 Pieces Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is an excellent example since there are 11 hooks. What’s more, the range of hook sizes is even larger than that of the competition since the smallest is 3.5mm while the largest is 12mm.


For afghan crocheting, the longer the hook, the better. As we have already mentioned, the loops or stitches are held there by the same hook. If you want to tackle large crocheting projects like creating blankets, longer hooks are ideal. As such, the Monrocco 12 Sizes Tunisian Crochet Hooks Set is not very impressive. Nevertheless, the set does compensate for the short shafts by being corded.


Hook materials are critical in ensuring the crocheting product is flawless. However, various hook materials can have specific shortfalls as well as benefits. Bamboo, for instance, is warm and lightweight. Nevertheless, durability may be wanting, and there may be some snagging on the yarn if it is not smoothed out properly.

The same problems follow wooden hooks like the Knit Picks Wood Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set. Aluminum is durable and smooth to hold. However, it gets cold and might be too slippery in a few situations, making it impossible to crochet. There are plastic options with unique downsides and upsides as well.

Corded vs. cordless option

Generally, veteran Tunisian crocheters prefer corded hooks. This is because they can hold many more loops depending on the size of the cord. Also, they are more comfortable to handle as the weight of the yarn rests on the cable rather than on the hook you are using.

Notably, people with arthritis will have an easier time with corded afghan crocheting hooks than with cordless hooks. Despite this, it would be better for newbies to pick cordless options such as the Teamoy Aluminum Tunisian Crochet Hooks Set. They can take on more straightforward afghan crocheting projects until they can hone the craft before upgrading to corded hooks.

Interchangeable hooks

12 Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks - Reviews and Buying Guide

Interchangeable hooks like the Knitter’s Pride KP900586 Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set are often unassembled. You are given the hooks, stoppers, and cords. As such, you can assemble them according to your Tunisian crocheting needs at any one time.

Other features

Your Tunisian crochet hooks with cords may also be labeled on the side or colored for easier identification. Additionally, a storage case and other accessories may be provided. These are examples of extra features, but there could be others that you encounter. Consider the impact these features will have on the use of the hook set. If the benefits outweigh the cons, you can let them influence your hook set buying decision.


This video can educate you on using Tunisian crochet hooks much better than we can put it in text.

While regular crochet hooks can achieve the same results as Tunisian crochet hooks, using the right equipment will make the process smoother, easier, and faster. Also, the resulting crochet should turn out better since you used specialized equipment.

Tunisian crochet can be twice as fast as knitting in some scenarios.

Double-ended crochet hooks are for working around a circle since standard crochet hooks are incapable of doing the same.

Our Verdict

For us, three hook sets stand out the most on the list. The Knitter’s Pride KP900586 Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is one. It is quite versatile since it is interchangeable. Moreover, the cords, stoppers, and even the storage case you need have been provided. These hooks are also incredibly lightweight.

The CLOVER Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is another of our top three hook picks. Construction is people-friendly, and the five cords make it an excellent fit for various Tunisian crocheting projects.

Finally, the Knit Picks Wood Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set is another option that has clawed its way into our top three picks. The hooks come in some nice colors that may be fun for users. The cords, black end caps, and the tightening keys elevate this offering a step higher.

Let us know how your Tunisian crochet hook shopping spree goes by commenting below.

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