8 Best Yarns for Amigurumi – Create Cute and Bright-Colored Toys!

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Do you want to try amigurumi? It is like knitting but with a creative twist. As suggested by the name, amigurumi is a craft originating from the Japanese culture, where needlework with yarn is used to knit or crochet cute shapes resembling animals or other figures. You can use these crafts for decoration, and they also make for cute and meaningful gifts, especially for baby showers and toddler birthdays.

But finding the best yarn for amigurumi can be somewhat tricky. For the best results, professional knitters prefer medium or worsted weight yarn because it is easy to work with and retains its shape.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top-rated options available on the market. We considered some important features, like the material and weight, as they determine the end product’s sturdiness and feel. We also took into account the number of skeins and length per skein to help you decide on what colors and how much yarn to buy for making one amigurumi craft.

Top 8 Yarns for Amigurumi Review 2021


Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn SkeinsEditor's Choice

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Skeins: 40 (24 with different colors and 16 duplicates)
  • Yarn length: 22 yards each (total of 875 yards)
  • Weight: #4 (0.35 oz.)

 More features: excellent for accent works, amigurumi, craft projects, granny squares, pompoms, crochet, includes 7 E-books with yarn patterns, soft and thick

This Mira Handcrafts set includes 40 small-sized yarn skeins with a wide assortment of vibrant and subtle colors. These yarns’ 100% acrylic material makes them ultra-soft, giving you excellent results and the plushest amigurumi yarn toys. In each skein, you’ll get 22 yards, with a total of 875 yards of yarn in the complete set.

The set includes 24 different colors, with 16 duplicate colored yarns for the most commonly used colors! The weight of this yarn is #4 yarn, which is a worsted weight. Thus, this yarn’s weight makes it thick, which is perfect for crocheting and knitting amigurumi crafts, and easy handling makes it great for beginners. It is safe to wash and dry these yarns in a washing machine, making them user-friendly.

What stands out? We absolutely adore this set because of the wide range of rainbow colors they offer in a single set! The pack comes with other essentials, such as seven E-books and a beginner’s guide, making this the perfect set for someone who is new to amigurumi.

What cons did we manage to find? The only downside of this set of yarn is that it is not the best option for commercial projects due to the limited length of yarn per skein.


Lion Brand YarnBest Value

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Skeins: 1 (25 different colors available)
  • Yarn length: 186 yards
  • Weight: #4 (3.5 oz.)

 More features: lasts through multiple wash cycles, also perfect for making fashion garments, home decor, bath and kitchen accessories, and items for babies and children

This yarn for amigurumi is made with 100% natural cotton material that makes it soft and easy to use for needlework. Available as a loose single skein, The Lion Brand Yarn comes in 25 colors, with an excellent range of rusty and subtle fall colors that you can choose from. This medium (4) worsted weight and mercerized cotton yarn is perfect for amigurumi because of its thick texture and excellent shape retention.

Each skein has 186 yards of yarn, offering a good quantity at a reasonable price. It is an extremely versatile product that is great for amigurumi, but it is also suitable for crocheting various things, like clothing items, kitchen accessories, and bath items. The soft cotton material makes it safe for baby skin, so it’s a perfect option for making toys, baby mittens, socks, and knitted animals.

What do we love it for? The color of this yarn is fade-resistant due to the mercerization that helps in keeping it vibrant and as good as new even after multiple washes. This yarn offers a great value for the price, making it one of our favorite picks.

What were we disappointed with? The only con is that this yarn and items made from it cannot be bleached if they are to get stained.


Lily Sugar n' Cream Cotton YarnMost Durable

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Skeins: 6 with different colors
  • Yarn length: 120 yards each
  • Weight: #4 (2.5 oz.)

 More features: bright and true colors, durable, also great for making durable dishcloths

This set of six assorted skeins of Canadian yarn is made from 100% cotton grown in the US, making for a pure and soft material. These Aran, worsted weight yarns are size 4, suitable for size 7 needles that make for a great yarn to knit Afghans and worsted clothes, but also an excellent yarn for amigurumi.

Each skein in the set contains 120 yards of yarn, which is good for small crafts. The six available colors come in amazing shades of hot pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, and purple, allowing you to make vibrant and bright colored amigurumi toys.

Why did it make our list? We absolutely love this yarn for some excellent qualities, such as the durability of the material that translates to long-lasting crafts. We also like the assortment of bright and true colors that allow you to make different kinds of things using a single set.

What is not ideal about it? The only downside of this yarn is that the colors can run loose when washed, but the durability allows the yarn to retain most of the color after the initial wash. They need to be washed separately before knitted together to avoid mixing colors.


La Mia Mini Cottony YarnExtra-Soft Material

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Skeins: 20 with different colors
  • Yarn length: 65 yards each
  • Weight: #3 (0.88 oz.)

 More features: extra soft, lightweight, dries quickly, 100% money-back guarantee

This yarn is popular for being extremely soft and easy to handle because the plies don’t come apart as you knit. It is made from 100% premium cotton material that makes the end products soft and plush to touch, and the yarn is gauge 3 weighted.

This set comes with an assortment of 20 skeins, with an excellent range of colors to work with. Each skein has 65 yards of yarn, which may not be much, but considering that it comes with 20 skeins, with a total of 1300 yards, it makes up for it.

What do we love it for? Our favorite thing about this yarn is its extra soft and cozy texture due to the pure cotton thread, making it perfect for amigurumi for baby toys! This set comes with 10 wonderful colors of yarn with no duplicates. The product has a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can return it if you don’t get the desired results.

What were we disappointed with? One thing that makes this yarn less than perfect is its lightweight and delicate nature because it can be damaged in a washing machine.


Red Heart Amigurumi Yarn NarwhalBest for Beginners

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Skeins: 1 with 4 colors for two toys (12 kits available)
  • Yarn length: not specified
  • Weight: #3

 More features: ideal for beginners, comes with patterns, machine-washable

This product is one of the best ones in the market, especially for amigurumi. It is specially designed for DIY crafts, with its 100% acrylic material. Imagine buying a single skein of yarn but somehow getting four colors! This unique yarn comes in a single skein that contains 4 colors.

Even though the quantity of yarn in a single skein is not specified, the company guarantees that you can make 2 small and cute amigurumi toys with just one skein! This yarn is available in 12 kits with a wide range of colors and toys to choose from. The weight of this yarn is gauge 3, making it light and delicate.

Why are we impressed? The Red Heart Amigurumi Yarn Narwhal set is perfect for beginners and knitters who are new to knitting because it comes with amigurumi patterns that you can follow easily. It is also user-friendly and easy to maintain because it can be machine washed in cold water and dried.

What negatives must you be aware of? The only downside of this yarn is that there is no length specification, which makes it difficult to make a decision, especially for online buyers.


Hug This! Yarn Kit PuppyBest with Free Toy

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Skeins: 1 with mix of colors (6 kits available)
  • Yarn length: not specified
  • Weight: 7 oz.

 More features: comes with 100% polyester toy and free knitted blanket pattern, excellent gift idea

Who can say no to a cuddly, plush stuffed puppy dog? The Hug This! Yarn Kit Puppy is perhaps our favorite pick because of the free toy puppy you get with it. Other kits come with other animals, like a cute little monkey that hugs the green shaded yarn ball.

This set comes with a 200g ball of 100% acrylic variegated yarn that is soft to touch and makes for comfortable knitted goods. One skein features a blend of complementary colors, and you can select from 6 different colored kits. This yarn is gauge 4 medium worsted that weighs 0.7 oz., making it perfect for amigurumi.

What are our favorite features? We liked this product not only because of the free polyester toy but also the free knitted blanket pattern that it comes with, aiding beginners who don’t have the hang of knitting patterns quite well. The overwhelming cuteness and softness of this yarn make it the perfect baby shower and baby birthday gift.

What could be better? The only downside of this super adorable yarn kit is that the length is not specified, which makes it difficult for buyers to make an informed decision as to how many they need for their projects.


Studio Sam Acrylic Yarn SetBest Colors

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Skeins: 10 with different colors
  • Yarn length: total of 1030 yards
  • Weight: #4 (1.76 oz.)

 More features: durable and versatile, machine-washable and dryable, hassle-free guarantee

This set of knitting yarn is a highly reliable and dependable one because it is put together by a professional knitter who understands the needs of other DIY enthusiasts. Made from 100% acrylic material, this yarn feels soft to the touch and also tough and durable.

The complete set includes 10 skeins of assorted deep and rich fall colors. Each skein has approximately 103 yards of yarn, with the set having a total of 1030 yards! This yarn weighs 1.760z, and its gauge 4 weighted, which makes it an amazing pick for amigurumi. On top of that, it comes with a hassle-free guarantee.

What makes it stand out? Apart from the excellent combination of matte colors, the acrylic material of this yarn makes it special. It is durable, safe to wash and dry in a washing machine without the yarn losing its texture or color. This yarn offers high versatility, making it suitable for not just amigurumi but also for knitting blankets, clothes, and other items.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? One downside of this yarn set is that after running out of some colors, it can be difficult to find matching alternatives sometimes.


Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solid YarnBest Quantity

  • Material: 50% acrylic, 50% cotton
  • Skeins: 3 duplicates (lavender color)
  • Yarn length: 317 yards each
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.

 More features: lightweight and long-lasting, perfect for various projects

The Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solid Yarn is made from a mix of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic materials that ensure not only a soft and comfy product but also sturdiness and durability. The set includes 3 skeins of thick lavender colored yarn, with each skein having 317 yards of material.

The complete set has a total of 950 yards of yarn, which is perfect for several amigurumi toys and other knitted crafts. This yarn’s weight is 3.5 oz, which makes it a bulky and thick gauge 6 yarn.

What stands out? The subtle pastel lavender color is extremely aesthetically appealing and long-lasting. The high-quality material of this yarn makes it a durable product that is a bit thick, lightweight, and user-friendly, making it extremely easy to work with, especially for knitting and crocheting.

What cons did we manage to find? Despite the beautiful lavender color of these yarn skeins, people may complain for the lack of choices, especially for amigurumi crafts that require several shades.

Things to Consider

When people are looking for a new hobby that doesn’t require much exertion, knitting and crocheting are among the most popular choices. However, once they get the hang of knitting their way through sweaters and scarves, they start looking for more challenging and more creative ways to crochet.
Amigurumi is one such hobby. It can be difficult at first, but if you have all the essentials and the correct kinds of materials, you can breeze right through that crocheting. Perhaps the most important supply for amigurumi is the right type of yarn because it can affect your experience.

Reasons to try amigurumi

8 Best Yarns for Amigurumi – Create Cute and Bright-Colored Toys!

Many hobbyists may divert towards crocheting because it is relatively easier than some DIY projects but gives the same amount of fun. Amigurumi is just like crocheting, only more creative! People who are considering it should definitely read this and find out several reasons why they should go ahead take up amigurumi as a hobby.

For starters, it is beneficial for your health. Crocheting enables the development and strengthening of neural pathways in the brain, improving one’s overall cognitive abilities. Another reason why amigurumi is so great is that it is a cost-effective and inexpensive hobby that enables you to channel your creativity into yarn and needles that produce cute toys and meaningful gifts!

People who struggle with stress have shown great improvement in stress reduction after trying creative crocheting like amigurumi because it is calming and relaxing. This hobby doesn’t end once you put your yarn and needles down because it lets you make cute crocheted animals that are a lasting reminder of all the fun you had!

How to find the best yarn for amigurumi?

Before taking up any new hobby, a little research is necessary. It is important to find out the different techniques and products you can use for amigurumi and then decide on your preferences. The most important thing to consider the material of the yarn you get.

To get the best yarn for amigurumi, you have to first decide whether you want natural or synthetic materials. Another tip is to check the weight and gauge of the yarn. You must also decide on a budget and survey the market to find the best yarn product that fits within your budget.


Material is an important feature to consider because it directly translates into the quality of your crafts. Yarn for crocheting amigurumi comes in both natural and synthetic materials like cotton or acrylic and a blend of both.

Cotton is a great choice of yarn, especially for baby toys, because it does not irritate the skin due to its soft texture, and it is a strong material.

Mercerized cotton has a different chemical composition of the yarn fibers, making it stronger and long-lasting. Acrylic is an excellent alternative to natural materials, like cotton, because of its high resemblance to cotton. It is a more budget-friendly material for yarn because it is synthetic and user-friendly. Also, the acrylic yarn comes in many colors, and it is cheap and easy to maintain.

You can also get a blend of half cotton and half acrylic, also known as semi-cotton yarn, which is lighter than pure cotton and amazing when it comes to the shape retention of crocheted goods and amigurumi toys. Semi-cotton yarn, such as the Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solid Yarn, is also easy to care for, with simple washing machine cleaning.

Number of skeins included

Considering the number of skeins in a set is important to determine how much yarn you need to buy for the crafts you plan on crocheting. Different brands offer from one to 20 and more skeins in the set, and the length of yarn per skein also differs across products.

You need to determine the yardage of yarn required for your amigurumi project and then select a suitable number of skeins. Some sets come with a single skein with good yardage, but you’ll usually get one color that way. You can, however, find some sets like Hug This! Yarn Kit Puppy that has multiple colors in a single skein.

Other sets with 3-4 skeins usually come with duplicate colors, like Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solid Yarn. Yarn sets that come with an assortment of 20-40 skeins, like the Mira Handcrafts Skeins, have a wide variety of colors to pick from, including some duplicates. Assorted yarn sets have less yardage per skein.

Yarn length

8 Best Yarns for Amigurumi – Create Cute and Bright-Colored Toys!

Yarn length is an important consideration because it helps you decide how many pieces to buy. Yarn length can be measured per skein or per set. Single skein sets have good yardage or yarn length per skein, as compared to those that come in a set of 10-40 skeins.

Yarn sets like the La Mia Mini Cottony Yarn have a small yarn length of 22-65 yarns per skein, but the combined number makes up for it. Other sets that have more per skein, such as seen with the Lily Sugar n’ Cream Cotton Yarn that has 100-120 yards of yarn. Single skein sets have 180-300 yards of yarn lengths.


The yarn’s weight is an essential consideration for different types of knitting and crocheting projects you plan on doing. It can be measured in its thickness, which depends on the type of yarn it is. Thus, the thickness plays an especially important role in determining how the pattern you are knitting or crocheting will turn out, with some thickness levels complementing certain patterns.

For amigurumi, the best weight of yarn is a gauge 4 yarn. This is a worsted weight yarn that is medium thick and moderately bulky, making it perfect for crocheting a soft but stiff amigurumi toy. Yarn weight #4 is also a great choice for beginners because it is easy to handle, and it doesn’t tangle easily.

Durability and ease of use

This is a crucial consideration when purchasing yarn for amigurumi because you obviously want your crafts to be long-lasting. Durable yarn should be a priority for all knitters because after so much hard work and precision that goes into knitting goods, the end product should at least be able to withstand the test of time. Babies like to cuddle, chew, and even drag their toys along, so a toy that can resist wear and tear is obviously high on the list of priorities.

The durability of yarn for amigurumi is more important than the yarn used for scarves or wash clothes because amigurumi toys for babies see a lot more rough days and careless use than other items. Cotton is an extremely durable and long-lasting material for those projects.


Softness is also of utmost importance, especially when said toys are intended for baby use. Babies tend to cuddle their toys and use them as a substitute for a lovey, which is why they should be soft and safe for delicate baby skin.

The softness of yarn depends on its type and material. Materials like cotton, such as seen with the La Mia Mini Cottony Yarn, and even synthetic ones like acrylic are soft to the touch and comfortable to cuddle with, so more knitters prefer cotton, acrylic, or semi-cotton for amigurumi. If amigurumi crafts are only intended for decoration, softness is something you can compromise on.

Machine-washable or not?

Whether you can or cannot wash a yarn or the amigurumi toy made from it in a washing machine depends on the material.

Delicate and lightweight yarns are usually not safe to be washed in a machine because harsh washing and handling can damage not just the texture but color as well.

Synthetic or blend materials like acrylic and semi-cotton are user-friendly and easy to care for, making them suitable to be machine washed and dried, such as the Mira Handcrafts Skeins. Yarn that is not safe for machine washing can be cleaned by hand washing with gentle cleansers and detergents. Thus, you should look for yarn that can be easily washed, especially if you plan on using it frequently.


The price of yarn depends on some basic features like the materials, quality of those materials, and the yarn length. Some yarns are more expensive because they are made from natural materials like 100% pure cotton, while others that are made from synthetic fabrics are a little more affordable.

A single skein of cotton yarn, like the Lion Brand Yarn, can be found for less than $15, and a single skein of acrylic yarn, like the Red Heart Amigurumi Yarn Narwhal, cost even less. Other sets that come with 20-40 skeins like the Mira Handcrafts Skeins also differ in price depending on the materials. These can be found at around $35 for a full set.


Amigurumi is usually done using crocheting techniques, but people can also try knitting. For those who find it difficult to knit, crocheting is a simpler technique that uses wide squares, which are relatively easier to make. Amigurumi is not difficult at all once you get the hang of crocheting correctly.

It is recommended for beginners to start by crocheting because it is denser, giving you a thick frame for your toys, which will ultimately be easier to shape in order to look like your intended creature. If you don’t give up on the first couple of failed attempts and keep practicing, you will be able to knit perfect little yarn dolls in no time at all. The trick is to start with small rings made of stitched yarn, and as long as you follow a simple pattern, you’re good to go.

Even though most people make cute little toy creatures, you don’t have to confine your creativity to crocheting animals. There are several other things you can make with this fun Japanese crocheting technique. You can knit cute toy outfits or even phone cases, bunny ears hair bands, or ear mufflers. Some people use amigurumi for decoration, making small fridge magnets or shelf décor items. Others can knit cute brooches with amigurumi as well.

If you are new to amigurumi, there are some essentials that you should collect before jumping right into the fun of crocheting your way to cute little knitted toys. The most important thing you need is good quality and suitable yarn, preferably cotton or acrylic. Next, you require a small crochet hook. Make sure to get the ones used for amigurumi specifically.

For making plush toys, you will need a filing for the toy. You can use old pieces of cloth, but for a soft and cuddly toy, you can stuff it with cotton or polyester used for pillow stuffing. To make a creature that can sit upright, you’ll need peddles with stuffing to add some weight. Other things you may need are bendable wires to shape the toy, and button and ribbon for decoration that can make for the eyes, and a cute little bow tie.

Our Verdict

Amigurumi is a great hobby to take up, not only because it produces adorable animals and dolls, but also because it is relaxing and comes with a number of health benefits. The yarn you get should complement the ideas you have in mind. You must never compromise on the quality of yarn you use, especially as a beginner because yarn determines how good the end product turns out to be.

We can swear by the quality and performance of every single one of these products. But our Editor’s Choice here is the Mira Handcrafts Skeins because of their overall excellent features like a good yarn length and an assortment of 24 different colors.

The Lion Brand Yarn is a close second because it is washing machine friendly, has great quantity, and doesn’t cost much.

Finally, we have the Lily Sugar n’ Cream Cotton Yarn because of its exceptional durability and bright colors!

We hope that our list of the best yarn for amigurumi made things much easier for you. All you have to do is to get your favorite option and begin your project!

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