7 Wonderful Yarns for Arm Knitting to Make Covers and Clothes

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Arm knitting is much easier than it looks. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get started in DIY with ease. Blankets, baskets for cats, cushions, or even hats… there are many projects to knit with the arms. When knitting, the thicker the wool, the easier it is to knit and to spot and undo your mistakes, but finer yarn can create delicate decor. But how can you choose high-quality yarn when there is so much brands on the market?

The best yarn for arm knitting in most cases is thick and soft. And it should have good length and include a plethora of colors to choose from. If knitting could frighten some, the yarns we have selected will seem more playful to them and not to mention the speed at which they can be knitted. Check out the best arm knitting yarns we discovered in the comparison table below.

Top 7 Yarns for Arm Knitting Review 2021


Red Heart IrresistibleEditor’s Choice

  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Length: 29 yds
  • Material: 90% acrylic, 10% wool

More features: machine washable

The name says everything about the Red Heart Irresistible. It’s an irresistible jumbo-sized yarn that will meet all crocheting needs.

Quick and very easy to use, Irresistible will soon become your favorite yarn! Red Heart’s Irresistible Wool is mega thick at 283g. Because it contains a little wool and more acrylic, it is a perfect option for fashion projects. With just a ball of yarn, you will make a scarf or a hood so fast that you better not blink! Not only is it easy and does it make your works faster, but it will also let you get addicted to knitting.

It is made of 90% acrylic and 10% wool. The entire length is around 26 meters or 29 yards. It’s recommended for DIYers or knitters who love making one-skein patterns of crochet.

With it, you can make not only crochet throws, but scarves, and cowls. The color of the yarn will help you create trendy and fashionable items. It is also suitable for making home materials.

Due to the nature of the material, it is recommended to hand-wash the projects made from this material by hand and in cold water. The downside is that it pills easily and falls apart easily when not properly cared for.

What we liked

We like how attractive the patterns are. The thick yarn for arm knitting is available in 18 different patterned colors and you’ll always find your choice.

What could be better

This yarn can attract animal hair and it’s not easy to clean it off.


HomeModa Studio Chunky Wool YarnBest for Beginners

  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Length: 109 yds
  • Material: un-spun wool

More features: color variation, hand-dyed

The HomeModa arm knitting yarns are made of non-mulesed wool. It’s a soft, chunky wool yarn that is ideal for giant knitting. You can use it to arm-knit luxurious items needed at home and which you can keep forever.

It’s a soft item with a bouncy texture. It is ideal for iconic statement blankets, chunky scarfs, rugs, and many other items you can imagine.

The luxurious and beautiful skein is made out of un-spun wool. You can use it to make crochets, knit works, rugs, weavings, tapestries, and are also ideal for spinning and felting. It’s also a great material for beginners, according to the manufacturer.

It’s not as heavy as the Irresistible but the HomeModa Chunky Wool Yarn weighs 4.4 lbs. The product is much more expensive than the first product but this is understandable considering you can use it to make luxury fashion items.

What we liked

The wool yarn is chunky, soft, and luxurious. It is very comfortable to knit with.

What could be better

HomeModa Studio Chunky Wool Yarn is rather pricey


Bernat AlizeYarnBest Value

  • Weight: 6.4 oz
  • Length: 18 yds
  • Material: 100% polyester

More features: color variation, machine washable

Cheap in price, but not in quality, the Bernat AlizeYarn has the highest value for money in this review of the best yarns for arm knitting.

The material, as you can see, comes in a color variation which will end up in a lovely result. Sold for an under $15 price, you have 23 patterns to choose from. These include black, bright blue, bright pink, bright purple, bright rainbow, bright red, burgundy, among others you can choose.

We love the bright red variant. It’s not only attractive, but it will help you fall in love with knitting. After all, red is irresistible and symbolizes passion, courage, and activity. The country blue and the denim blue (pictured) are also really attractive.

You can make pillows, cowls, and scarfs out of this high-quality yarn made of 100% polyester. This is the best yarn for arm knitting blanket.

What we liked

The color variation and the colors themselves are eye-catching.

What could be better

You should be very careful while knitting, this yarn can break if you pull it too strongly.


COUTURE JAZZBest Acrylic Yarn

  • Weight: 17.5 oz
  • Length: 81.5 yds
  • Material: 81% acrylic, 19% polyamide

More features: color variation

The Premier Yarns Couture Jazz is a ball of knitting yarn that measures 17.5 oz of half a kilo in weight and measures 81.5 yards in length. It’s made of 81% acrylic material and 19% polyamide.

What you’ll like about the yarn is its sheer size. While the yarn is ideal for your arm knitting projects and hobby, it appears you’ll need needles involved if you want to knit it.

The chunky yarn for arm knitting is thick and lush as it has a tube construction. If you’re unsure what this means, it’s a yarn that is not solid all through. It is a tube. While the edges contain fiber, the middle is empty. This doesn’t in any way make it a poorly made yarn, but it’s a clever yarn construction technology. This style of construction gives it some fluffiness.

Yarns with tube construction are usually warm and have enough air space. The fibers of this yarn have thousands of little spaces where air can be trapped in.

What we liked

The yarn can be used to make fluffy clothes that capture and retain warm air inside and against the body of the wearer.

What could be better

Even though acrylic yarns can be machine washed, the Couture Jazz has to be hand-washed because of its tube construction.


Clootess Chunky YarnBest Merino Wool Yarn

  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Length: 55 yds
  • Material: 100% merino wool

More features: color variation, 50 mm diameter

This clootess yarn is chunky and made of soft merino wool. The 55-yard long wool yarn is available in four size options. You can choose the 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 8 lbs, and 10 lbs variant. It all depends on what you want to make.

The wool yarn is available in 10 color options. These include beige, black, dark gray, ivory white, khaki, light gray, pink, rose red, yellow, and white. The wool yarn is perfect for handmade knit works and can be used to make DIY projects, a sofa bed, or even throw baskets for your pets.

The wool yarn is natural, beautiful, has a soft texture, and can be used to knit garments you can wear next to your skin. This yarn can be spun, felt, woven, or dyed.

It’s perfect for rookie knitters who want to see fast and beautiful results. This 50 mm wool yarn has beautiful natural color and very soft to the touch. Great for using the wool for garments worn next to the skin.

You can spin it, felt it, weave it, overdye it, and much more.

What we liked

The material can be spun, felt, woven, and dyed. It is soft to the touch, beautiful to look at, and fast to knit. You can use it to make anything from a king-size throw for the bed, to a stylish and giant-sized scarf .

What could be better

Not ideal for the washing machine. You can dry-clean it, but the instructions must be followed precisely


Shep's Soft Merino WoolBest Yarn for Blanket

  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Length: 12 yds
  • Material: 100% Australian merino wool

More features: fits for felting, color variation

Made out of Australian merino wool, the Shep’s Wool Yarn is for elegant and luxurious fashion items. The roving is completely natural. It’s 100% farmed and processed in the United States.

It’s sold for an affordable price which users comment that it’s quite low for wool materials.

The wool has a baby-soft texture and is ideal for skin comfort. You can make booties, hand spinning, baby sweaters, and other DIY jobs out of this yarn.

Asides from the 1lbs size options, the item is available in 2 lbs, 2 oz, 4 lbs, 4 oz, 8 lbs, and 8 oz options. In appearance and texture, the wool yarn looks amazing and looks silky. It is stunningly beautiful.

It’s not only ideal for arm knitting, you can also use it for your spinning, wet felting, and needle felting projects.

Natural white in color, it is chunky and soft to the touch.

What we liked

We like how perfect it is for welt felting. It is super soft, clean, and is of high quality.

What could be better

The only downside to this yarn is the smell upon arrival. It would pass with time


Fox Yarn Co. T-Shirt YarnBest Repurposed Fabrics

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Length: 140 yds
  • Material: repurposed fabric

More features: color variation

The Fox Yarn Co. T-Shirt Yarn is made of repurposed fabric. Weighing just 1.5 lbs, this yarn is super long at 140 yards and has amazing color variation. Available in 28 different colors, the yarn can be used for arm knitting, sewing, and crocheting.

Each roll of the lightweight yarn made from repurposed fabric is easy to knit and super soft. Your knit works will come out perfectly with just one knot.

The skien has an extra-large width and is perfect for making chunky crochet patterns. You can make amazing handiwork and designs with each massive roll which has 1.5 inches.

The arm knitting yarn is made of ecologically-friendly materials that are beneficial to the environment and the users.

You can create fun projects ranging from rugs, bangles, bracelets, bibs, pencil holders, and bowls with this material.

What we liked

You can wash the garments you make from it by hand or in the machine, but with cold water and on a gentle cycle. We also enjoyed the variety of colors the brand has.

What could be better

It’s rather expensive and might not suite all of the crafters

Things to Consider

Arm knitting yarns are not only available in different colors and dyes, but also different qualities, thicknesses, and structures. We will show you what makes a good yarn and how to choose the right yarns for knitting in this section.

Why you’ll love arm knitting

7 Wonderful Yarns for Arm Knitting to Make Covers and ClothesThere are a couple of reasons to start arm-knitting if you are yet to start.

  • Knitting makes you happy and reduces stress: Most knitters say they feel happier after a session and see knitting as “a source of relaxation, creativity and stress relief”. But that’s not all. Knitting has similar benefits as meditation. And finally, it’s quite easy to understand. When you knit, you focus on the same gesture over and over again. Not to mention the joy you feel after finishing the item.
  • Knitting keeps your brain healthy: While knitting, we make certain parts of our brain work, the very parts that stimulate neural connections and allow them to function quickly and efficiently. You practically train while you’re

How to arm knit – steps, tips, and tricks

After a day of hard work, in less than 30 minutes, there is nothing better than to relax than and make your chunky scarf for this winter!

Below, you can read the details of each step and learn a few tips and tricks.

Equipment needed for knitting with the arms:

  • 2 balls of coarse wool or so, several woolen threads assembled to form a very thick ball;
  • your arms;
  • 1 stick or a large rod to put your stitches on hold if necessary.

As in classic knitting, you have to place the ball(s) in front of you, so that you can knit easily!

Step 1: Start by pulling out a length of thread and make a slip knot

To start your arm knitting, start by pulling out a length of thread of 100 cm and tie a slip knot. Then put it on your arm.

  • Insert your thumb and forefinger between the thread coming from the wrist, from top to bottom.
  • Now swing the hand upward rotating the thread outward from the hand. Purpose of the operation: you have to get a loop around each of the 2 fingers.
  • Pass your index finger and thumb through the thumb loop to catch the top threads around the index finger.
  • Pass this first stitch on the wrist, without overtightening of course. Knit loosely to be able to easily work on your next stitches.
  • Repeat steps 1) and 2) as many times as necessary to obtain the number of stitches you need. For example, it takes 6 to 8 stitches to knit a tube scarf about 30 cm wide.

Step 2: knit the first row

7 Wonderful Yarns for Arm Knitting to Make Covers and ClothesHere you have to pass all the first knitted stitches from the right arm to the left arm. First, hold the threads coming from the ball in the hand of the arm where your stitches are already placed. Then, with the other free hand, pass a stitch on the empty wrist. Then repeat the same gesture until the end of the row.

Step 3: knit the second row

Too easy! You have to repeat the same gesture as in step 2 but in the other direction! And you have to start again until the end of the knitting!

Step 4: bind off the stitches in arm knitting

To secure your stitches, start by knitting the first 2 stitches as normal. Then, pass the 1st mesh above the 2nd and knit the next stitch.

Repeat this same movement until there are no more stitches left on the wrist.

Step 5: Cut, but be careful!

Cut the thread, pass it through the last remaining stitch, tighten!

Step 6: the final seam of the 2 edges of the snood

Use the original threads to intertwine the stitches of the 2 edges between them. You have to join the last row to the first. Tighten and tie a knot for each. To hide the excess yarn and have a nice result in arm knitting, last tip, no knot! Slip this rest of the thread inside the book for a few centimeters and… cut!

There you have it, you have made a snood in less than 30 minutes!

To learn how to knit with the arms, watch the video tutorial below to fully understand each step of this DIY method:


Knitting yarns come in different price ranges. It depends on the length, weight, and the type, and quality of the material. Generally, a ball of bulky wool yarn starts from around $10 and can reach close to $100. The cheapest wool yarns are cotton, wool, and acrylic. But regardless of what your choice is, always work with quality threads from the best brands, you will achieve better results.

Features to consider while buying the best yarn for arm knitting

What material, thickness, length, weight, among other things, should your wool yarn be in? Here, we’ll tell you everything!


Arm knitting yarns are available in different materials. These include:

  • Wool: Its fibers are very resistant and hide the mistakes you may make. So it is an excellent option if you are a beginner. Although some people are allergic to wool, they are generally the best choice to start knitting.
  • Acrylics: Acrylic yarns such as the Couture Jazz and the Red Heart Irresistible are surely the favorites of crochet lovers because they are easy to find. They have a wide range of colors and are also some of the cheapest options. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to buy a quality acrylic yarn so that its strands do not separate when knitting.
  • Cotton: Cotton is more difficult to knit than wool because the fibers that compose it are not elastic. Although if you are knitting in the hottest months of the year, this fiber is ideal because it is much lighter than wool.
  • Merino: It is the most suitable for use in projects for babies because it does not cause allergies. It is very light due to its very fine and soft fibers. It is a good thermal insulator and is breathable. So it keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. The Clootess Chunky Merino Yarn is a great example of merino yarns.

Weight and length

7 Wonderful Yarns for Arm Knitting to Make Covers and ClothesThe run length is very important for knitting wool. You have to take the barrel length into account when calculating how much wool you will need. The reason for this is that two knitting yarns with the same weight can have very different run lengths. For example, 100m of wool can be wound on a ball of wool that weighs 50g. In contrast to this, another ball of wool can only be 70m, although the ball also weighs 50g. So that you buy enough knitting wool, you always have to calculate the total run length. In other words, this means: you work out how many meters of wool you need – and not how many grams.

Suppose the instructions say you need 250g of wool. Let’s assume a wool yarn is available as a 50g ball and has a length of 100m per 50g. For the knitted piece, you will use 5 balls of wool and 500m of yarn.

The wool you want to use is also wound on 50g balls. However, your wool only has a length of 80m per 50g. If you were now based only on weight and bought 5 balls, you would only get 400m of wool (5 balls x 80m = 400m). So your wool would not be enough. Therefore you have to calculate: 500m total length: 80m per ball = 6.25. So that you can knit the piece as in the instructions, you would have to buy 7 balls of your favorite wool.


Soft arm knitting yarns are better for the knitter, the finishing of the yarn, and the user. When you make simple patterns out of soft plain yarns, you get a sophisticated look for your creations. They usually don’t require additional work and they look fancier as the light bounces off them. Yarns made of Merino wools like the Shep’s Soft Merino Wool are well-known for their extraordinary softness.

Color variation

7 Wonderful Yarns for Arm Knitting to Make Covers and ClothesWe advise that you bet on light and smooth materials with color variation. They will be easier for you to knit than a hairy or fantasy yarn because you will see the stitches better and the errors will be hidden. Variegated yarns are often dyed with many colors and produce varying effects depending on the crafter’s technique, the pattern, and color change frequency. Effects produced can include “flashing” and “pooling.”


Wool yarns are made up of a continuous strand, composed of fibers, which can give rise to different types of yarns, from the finest to the thickest.

To know how much the thread weighs, you just have to look at its label, where you will find a numbering that goes from 0 to 7. Each number corresponds to a type of thickness.

We will detail the main types of yarn thicknesses that will be possible to arm knit with:

  • Label No. 5/Thick (Bulky/Chunky): Indicated for outerwear or to make puffs or rugs. Due to its thickness, it is ideal for beginners because it is very comfortable to knit.
  • Label No. 6/Super Thick (Super Bulky/Super Chunky): Perfect for making coats, winter jackets, sweaters, blankets, or rugs. It is also perfect for beginners because it is easy to knit.
  • Label No. 7/Jumbo (Jumbo / Big): This is the thickest of the threads and very comfortable to work with. You can create covers for cushions, blankets, baskets, or maxi scarves.


Most fashion materials made with the yarns can be cleaned by hand and in the machine. However, it depends on the type of material and the technique of manufacturing. Merino wool cannot be washed in the machine but can only be dry-cleaned. Acrylic materials are washable in the machine but some materials with special construction such as the Couture Jazz cannot be machine washed.

The washing instructions are very important to read to obtain a safe cleaning and good conservation of the garment. You have to check the washing label symbols of the yarn.

We will explain you the most common international washing symbols that you can find on yarn and wool labels. You will see that one, two, or three dots appear in some labels. These points are related to the temperature of the water.
  • One point: maximum water temperature 30ºC
  • Two points: maximum water temperature 60ºC
  • Three points: maximum water temperature 90º

If you want to give a garment to someone, we recommend including the label with washing instructions as part of the gift. In this way, you provide all the information necessary for the care of the garment and its conservation.


If you want to knit a warm and large blanket, you will need 7 to 10 balls of super chunky yarns, depending on the length of the yarn. You can of course also knit a smaller, softer blanket, especially for children or babies. To do this, you need 2 or 3 balls of cotton or any other finer fiber.

If the clothes are made with acrylic, polyester, or cotton, you can machine-wash them. Just place them in a big lingerie bag. Add detergents to the machine and put it on. Wash the material at the manufacturer’s recommended point of temperature. If it’s a bleeding yarn, wash dark colors together. Air-dry the yarns except when it is indicated that you can tumble dry. For materials that can only be dry-cleaned, you can follow the same process of washing and air-dry.

Our Verdict

Arm-knitting is a hobby activity that comes with many benefits. If you’ve decided to take this leap, then you have to start buying yarns for that project in your head. Undecided yet? Then check our final verdict!

Our Editor’s Choice is the Red Heart Irresistible. It’s a mega thick yarn that weighs 283g. Because it contains a little wool and more acrylic, it is a perfect option for fashion projects. This is, without a doubt, our best yarn for arm knitting.

Our Best Woolen Yarn is the HomeModa Studio Chunky Wool Yarn. This is a soft, chunky wool yarn that is ideal for large knitting. You can use it to arm-knit luxurious items needed at home.

The Best Value yarn ball is the Bernat AlizeYarn. Sold for an under $15 price, it also doubles as our Budget Pick. You have 23 patterns to choose from. These include bright pink, bright purple, bright rainbow, bright red, burgundy, among others.

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